Re-created Look: GlitterGirlc :D

Today, I decided to do a re-created look. I was just looking around my favorite blogs, and decided to do a look of Cecilie’s from! I re-created her look called AcidBerry using the SugarPill Heart Breaker Palette. Since I don’t have the palette (or the amazing skills) for this look, the colors didn’t come out great. 😛 (I also accidentally smudged the liquid liner in the middle of the line, but I guess that’s just all part of makeup artistry, right? 😀 ) The look:



I hope you visit Cecilie’s AMAZING blog, (I would make a link to her blog, but I’m not sure how to do that yet) 🙂 and I hoped you liked this colorful look! <Lucy 😀 

Ps. If anyone knows little helpful things about WordPress, (like making links) please let me know, because I am absolutely terrible with computers! Thanks! <Lu 😀


4 thoughts on “Re-created Look: GlitterGirlc :D

  1. This is fantastic, Lucy! ❤ I think you did an amazing job on it!! 😀 Thank you so much for creating it, lovely! ^-^ And, you definitely underestimate yourself! 😉

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