Charcoal and Red LOTD

I know I said before that this look would be wearable, and it is..for some people. This look is dramatic, and slightly daring! 🙂 I made a tutorial! The look:





After priming, take a slightly sparkly charcoal color with a fluffy brush, and blend it on the inner and outer corners of the lid. Leave a bit of the middle space open. Blend the color on the outer half of the browbone with what is left on the brush.



Lightly define the undereye with the same color, and a fluffy angled brush.



Put some of Makeup Geek’s Mango Tango on the center lid.



Then add a bit of MUG’s Razzleberry on top. Make sure to blend a bit.



Add a shimmery peach champagne on the other half of the browbone, and blend.



Charcoal in the waterline, and mascara. (Add falsies if you want! 🙂 )



For the lips, I used a clear gloss with some magenta tones from Sephora.

I hope you liked this dramatic look! <Lucy 😀

Tomorrow’s Preview: Summer Vacation Blue Eyes! 😀

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