Vacation Blue Eyes! :D

These fun and colorful summer eyes are perfect for the summer vacation paradise. Wear this on vacation! 😀 Summer vacation looks are all about tropical, fresh, fun, and fruity colors! If you are uncomfortable wearing blues and greens, try switching the colors to pink and purple, yellow and orange. To me, summer vacations are a great place to wear looks you wouldn’t usually wear. So have fun with this colorful summery look!



The products I used. When I don’t make a tutorial, I will put up a picture of all of the things I used instead! 🙂



Sorry this picture turned out a little blurry! 😛


I loove pairing blue eyes with a bright pink lip! 😀 It makes a good contrast with the warm and cool tones.

Have fun with this look! I loved making it! 😀 <Lucy ❤

The next look coming: Smokey Brown 😀

2 thoughts on “Vacation Blue Eyes! :D

    • Oh that’s so sweet! 😀 Thank you, thank you! A great way to wear colors like blue, green, and purple, is just lining the upper lashline, or all the way around with a bright color. I think that pops of colors mixed with neutrals looks so pretty! 🙂 Thanks again! 😀

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