Hello everyone! I apologize for my absence! I have a lot of posts for you though coming up! The first one is a show of the candy I got on Halloween, my costume and more.  I barely got any candy! But thought I just might show you that too anyway! 🙂


This AMAZING lip product is Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Creme/matte in Red My Mind. Only $2, and comes in many colors! All night I ate and drank, and the lips lasted without  peeling or fading ALL NIGHT, no joke!! 😀


Kinds I would trade.


If you give these kinds to me, I will be your best friend forever!


Because I barely got anything, my brother gave/traded me these! 😀


My family:


My moms wearing a wig, my dad a mustache, and I did my mom and my sister’s makeup! (for some reason, my eyes are the only ones in the picture that are reflecting) 😛 🙂

I hope you all had super fun Halloweens, and got a lot more out of trick or treating than I did! 😀 See you soon!<Lucy ❤

4 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. Your whole family looked amazing in their costumes! 😀 Love the pirate outfit and the makeup is gorgeous as always! 😉 Hehe, we like a lot of the same candy: Snickers and Milky Way! 😀 hehe

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