LOTD: Cool Blue (look #2)

Hello beauties! 😀 So in my last post, I put up two looks from the internet that I liked, and asked you to comment saying which one you want me to recreate. I want to thank those who did comment on that post! 😀 The most votes were on look #2:


So I went ahead and did my best to recreate it:



I hope you liked the recreation! I used a little of Makeup Geek and some Sephora to do the look. I will put up the next two looks for you two choose from soon! 😀 Lots of love<Lucy 😀 ❤

2 thoughts on “LOTD: Cool Blue (look #2)

    • Thank you so much Anna! I’m so thrilled to hear that my blending and application looks better! 😀 I’ve also been trying to improve my eyeliner, and I’m so happy that you are noticing! 😀 ❤

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