Review: Color Workshop Implements Compact

Hello lovelies! So I promised to do a review of the palette I used for yesterday’s ‘Raspberry and Chocolate’ look. The palette is titled the Color Workshop Implements Palette:



Its nice and travel-sized 🙂



And, when you use this palette all up, it comes out, and you can use the palette for something else! 😀



The eyeshadows. (there is 11).



The lighter colors: All of the eye shadows are very unique, yet wearable colors, which I love! The first one is a pale gray/lavender, and its not overly pigmented, but its a very pretty color. despite the lilac tone, it can work as a brow bone blender. 😀 The second color is a light pink..its the only color that barely has pigmentation..the upside to this is that it can be used as a brow bone highlight as well. The next color is very uniquely beautiful! Its a brown-ish rose, and its a great natural color. The next color is GORGEOUS! Its s light pink, but it has a tone that makes it one-of-a-kind. 😀 The next color is a rose. So pretty! Its VERY blend-able, and easy to work with. 🙂 The last color shown here is also very beautiful! Its a tan with sandy pink undertones, only a hint, and its very pretty! 😀 It also has fantastic color pay-off.



The darker shades HAVE to be my faves! 😀 The first is this gorgeous medium mid-tone pink. It very pretty on the eyes, despite the pink hue, and it has amazing color pay-off. This next color is the only eye shadow with some glittery/sparkle. Its very unique, and definitely one of my faves! 😀 This next color is also gorgeous. Its a darker brown, with gorgeous rosy undertones. It also has tiny sparkle particles that are a golden rose color, making this shade more warm. This color is also beautiful, but it takes a white base like NYX JEP in Milk (shown here) or a couple layers of the show for it to show up properly. But the color is GORGEOUS! 😀 The last color is this gorgeous brown! It has unique purple-y undertones, and its one of my faves as well. 😀



The three lip colors are : a tinted glitter gloss, a yellow gloss, and a beautiful light rust color. The glosses are not sticky at all, but they don’t have a nice taste, I must say. But they wear very pretty, none the less. The rust color is GORGEOUS! 

Well, that’s it for my review, I hope it was helpful, and if you have any questions, let me know! 😀 Love you all very much!<Lucy 😀


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