Review: The Color Workshop 100 Piece Palette!

In my Christmas Post, you can see that there is a palette in my stash! 😀



The eye shadows:



I had three ‘arm fulls’ 😉 of eye shadow swatches, all taken in cool and warm lighting. The eye shadows by Color Workshop are AMAZING! Whats special, is that they are all very unique, beautiful colors, and have really great variety of textures too. I LOVE them!! 😀



The lip colors swatched great on the back of my hand, but they were a little sheer..all of them. At least they were on my hand! I tried them all on my lips, and they are all very pigmented, and gorgeous, and last surprisingly long! 😀




Even though the blushes are in the pink/red/coral-y family, they are all great, long lasting, complimenting, an have light sparkle, matte and satin textures! 😀



I’m SUPER impressed by the quality, and uniqueness of this palette! I’m obsessed with it! I will most definitely be using tons in my up coming looks 😉

Next-Looks using the Color Workshop Palette! 😀

11 thoughts on “Review: The Color Workshop 100 Piece Palette!

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  2. I love that all the colours seem to be pigmented. Where can I get one of these palettes! i’m always looking out for eyeshadows that are as pigmented as they appear on the palette. Somehow I find at times that eyeshadow palettes can be a hit or miss for me.

    Caryl x

    • Yes, the colors are amazing! 😀 Unfortunately, this palette was sent to me by a relative, but I’m sure, if you look up Color Workshop on the internet, you can maybe see where to buy. ;D

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