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Tag: The 7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty!

Hello my loves! 😀 Here is a real fun tag called the 7 deadly sins of beauty. Thank you so much to Beauty Adoration for tagging me! 😀 goes:

Q. 1

Greed: what’s your most expensive beauty item?

My La Bella Donna Highlighter in Candlelight. Price: $70



I got this highlighter for my 13th birthday last year, and I love it so much. It gives off the perfect amount of rosey sparkle, and I love it to death! 😀


Q . 2

Wrath: what item do you seem to have a love/hate relationship with?

The Color Workshop Eye Shadow in Optimist.



This eye shadow I love because it blends amazingly. It is also a nice and subtle touch on the lower lash line. I kinda ‘hate’ it because, if I put it across the lid, no matter how much of it I layer, the color stays soft. I used this color on the lid in one of my latest looks

Q. 3

Gluttony: what brand takes up most of your collection?

That’s easy! Elf for sure!


Elf is most definitely the brand that I cannot live without!

Q. 4

Sloth: what product do you ignore most due to laziness? 

My MAC Pigments, Glitters, and Reflects.


Because I have these in column containers, they are very messy! And I don’t tend to play with glitter on the eyes. I’m not too good with it, and It never comes off how I like it to. If you have any tips on getting glitter off easily, pleeeeeease let me know!!! 😀

Q. 5

Pride: which products give you the most confidence?

Their are 2: La Bella Donna Mascara in Dark Earth, and Mattify! Cosmetics Blush in Harmony.


This mascara is the ideal, most essential mascara. It’s by La Bella Donna, and it’s around $26. It’s a very dark brown, but what’s unique about it is that its very cool toned. I ❤ it! As you know, in my review of Mattify! I LOOOVE this blush. (see details in the review). 😉

Q. 6

Lust: what product(s) are at the top of your wish list?

The Urban Decay Naked 2 and # palettes, and the SugarPill Palettes. (especially Heart Breaker).


(Naked 3) 😉


Heart Breaker Palette.



Burning Heart Palette. ❤ 😀



Sweet Heart Palette.

Q. 7 

Envy: what makeup product looks good on others, and not you?

Not exactly a product, but pale pink lips look terrible on me! 😛


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The rules are simple: answer the 7 questions, with pictures or without, and tag 5 other blogs!

I hope you enjoyed this! Thank you so much again to Beauty Adoration for tagging me! 😀

Have a lovely day sweeties! ❤ Lucy 

LOTD: Rose Hues/Peacock Eyes

Hello my beauties! 😀 Today’s look is a little more dramatic and colorful than usual, but I was really happy on how this look turned out, and I’m excited to share!



Here is an inspirational color palette by Design Seeds. This site has TONS of AMAZING color palettes, and definitely one to subscribe to!







I really really hope you liked this one! I had so much fun doing it for you. 😀

Much love and hugs, Lucy ❤

COTD: Gray!

Here is the Color Of The Day:


*hey that rhymes!* 😉



Gray and purple smokey eyes.



Trendy matte gray french.




Gray prom dress.



Gray wedding dress.




Gray wedding dress.




Gray hair.



Gray hair.



Gray everyday outfit.

Which ideas are your faves?

❤ Lu

LOTD: Purple Mist

Hello again my lovies! 😀 So, I got ahold of a little inspiration, and created this simple, smokey, and soft purple look. It’s nothing special, but I hope you like it anyway:



Pouncey Mouncey and Soft Purples Again 016







Pouncey Mouncey and Soft Purples Again 015








I hope you liked this despite it being boring-ish.

I’m happy, it’s finally below 60 degrees, and foggy, and it sprinkled for a bit. It may not seem like much, but in California, its freeeezing!

Have a great day!<Lucy 😀


Pouncey Mouncey and Soft Purples Again 017

One ‘Strep’ At A Time?!?

Hello me lovely readers! 😀 So, about me being sick…My mom and dad started getting concerned that I had Strep throat. For those of you who don’t know what it is, its basically a very serious throat pain. So this morning, my mom and I headed over to the doctor’s. They took a some sort of long cotton swap, and felt around in my throat very quickly…thankfully. 🙂 And after 11 minutes of pretty nervous waiting, the Dr. came in, and said: no Strep throat!…..Yet. I was actually surprised, because this is a kind of pain in my throat that I have never felt before; and I’ve had lots of sore throats. If I keep up with eating healthy, and drinking lots of Vitamin C through orange juice from our orange trees, the Strep shouldn’t develop. And hopefully it won’t grow. The Dr. said he will keep us updated. So my throat is still the same, but thankfully I got more sleep. I’m really hoping I can get better soon, because I’m already missing a rehearsal tonight, and an opening night performance tomorrow, because I can’t sing. Well, I’ll let you know when I get better! 😀 (hope I’m not annoying you all, you be like “OK, WE DON”T CARE!” 😉 So, anyway, about makeup…I haven’t worn any for 3 days, and I must say its nice to have a break from makeup for a little. But I know this is a makeup blog, so its my job to fill this blog with my looks, so hopefully, I’m off to watch YouTube videos, which most te time, make me wanna go do my own makeup!

Much love and *cough* hugs,

Lucy 😉 ❤

Under The Weather… :(

Hello my beauties! 😀 I’m sorry for the lack in posts lately. I’ve been very sick. I got 2 hours of sleep the other night, and my throat is so painful its very hard to talk and eat. All this is very unfortunate, because I have singing and acting to do every day of the week, and I actually have an opening night performance on Friday. I just decided to take a short break from makeup for the sake of my eyes. So I will post my Wish List, and OOTDs and stuff today, but no makeup by me…maybe I’ll post some of my faves from other blogs… 🙂 Anyway, just thought I might explain my self. 🙂 Well, I’ll see you in a sec, with everything but LOTD! 🙂 xoxo, Lucy ❤