I Need Your Help: New Year’s Resolution!!!

Hello again beauties! I am back from holiday break! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope you all had an amazing 2013! Its hard to believe that I have only been blogging since March 2013! This is going to be my second year! 😀 I really want to thank each and every one of you for your support of my blog! The likes, the comments, the followers, and the guest posts and features all help me through my beauty life. I’m so grateful for every single one of you, and I really just can’t thank you enough! So, to the main purpose of this paragraph: I want your help!! Because this is my second year coming up, I really want to know if any of you want to see more of something, or something new, or anything like that. All you have to do is comment below, asking for ANYTHING! Really! You can ask for more nail polish posts, more fashion posts, more reviews, or you can ask me to recreate looks you find, or a look inspired by a TV Show or Movie or Book character! ask anything, all requests are welcome!! ALL of them!! So I ask you for a little more support, and comment below! Thank you all again for helping me through my first year of blogging!! Much much much much love, Lucy ❤ 😀


10 thoughts on “I Need Your Help: New Year’s Resolution!!!

  1. I always love to see nail posts 🙂 but a Disney inspired make-up series would also be great (Arielle!!!) uuuuuh, now I have got an idea: what about Star Wars make-up looks!? 🙂 I am totally in love with Queen Amidala’s weird make-up!

    • Hehe, yes. Well about nail posts…I have a nail blog at nailcrazy1.blogspot.com, so I don’t usually post nail stuff here, but if you want to see more of that, just check out my nail blog 😀 I love Disney, so that is another fab idea! 😀 Haha, funny, I’m going to be auditioning for the little mermaid, and am hoping for Arielle! 😉 Oooh, Star Wars is an amazing idea too! Thanks! 😀

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