Minor Changes…I think

Hello lovely readers! 😀 So, I’m always super busy at the beginning of the new year. But this year, it is totally insanely crazy. I have 4 huge commitment things going on. I’m an actress, and a singer. I’m in an opera, I’m auditioning for The Little Mermaid tomorrow, and I have a ton of Singing jobs in like 20 shows, and I’m going to start up my sport, track, again, for the fourth year. So just a little busy, right? Not! There are sooooooooooooo many places my mom has to drive me to. And they all conflict, and I have to switch off and on with each event on which days. Its all very time-consuming, so if you don’t hear from me here for a few days at at time, that’s why! So, my usual blogging time is random week days, and weekends off…I’m still going to take off weekends, so I’ll only have five days to fit in blogging with everything else going on in my life. So, just heads up, ya know? 😀 I hope you guys understand how busy I am! 

Thank you all! 😀

Wish me luck at my Little Mermaid Audition tomorrow! If I get a call-back for a role, I’ll let you know! 😀 😉

Love, Lucy ❤ 😀


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