The Cast List…

Hello lovelies! 😀 Before I get to posting makeup looks today, I’m going to tell you what part I got. So, turns out, because my already very busy schedule, I was unable to play a lead. So I got a mersister. So it just wouldn’t have worked out. Though, Mersisters are fairly big parts. I get to sing a song, and more than one solo, so its good. I’m excited! 😀 I didn’t mention this before, but I’m in the operetta, Pirates Of Penzance, playing a big part: Kate. I’m 13 playing a huge part in an opera! It’s a little scary, but I’m willing to learn the part. My brother is a Pirate, my sister is Edith, and my dad is The Pirate King. Its gonna be fun! 😀 Anyway, so that’s it! I’ll go break out the makeup now. 😉 Love, Lucy ❤


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