Color of the Day: Pink!

Hello again beauties! So, as you know I have a few different beauty series/things I do everyday. LOTD, OOTD, Wish List, ect. And I wanted to start up a new one! This is COTD: color of the day on going series. What I’m going to do, is put up a new color choice whenever I post, and put things like hair, nails, makeup, an fashion, using that color. So, the color for today is: PINK!



Pink lips?


Soft pink wedding dress?


Mixed pink wedding dress?


Pink for prom?


Pink everyday?


Bright pink hair?


Pale pink hair?


Glitter pink nails?


Pink makeup?

Which ideas do you like the best? ūüėÄ

So…what do you think of this idea for an eveyrday on going series?

Smiles, Lucy ‚̧

2 thoughts on “Color of the Day: Pink!

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