Tag: The 7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty!

Hello my loves! 😀 Here is a real fun tag called the 7 deadly sins of beauty. Thank you so much to Beauty Adoration for tagging me! 😀 So..here goes:

Q. 1

Greed: what’s your most expensive beauty item?

My La Bella Donna Highlighter in Candlelight. Price: $70



I got this highlighter for my 13th birthday last year, and I love it so much. It gives off the perfect amount of rosey sparkle, and I love it to death! 😀


Q . 2

Wrath: what item do you seem to have a love/hate relationship with?

The Color Workshop Eye Shadow in Optimist.



This eye shadow I love because it blends amazingly. It is also a nice and subtle touch on the lower lash line. I kinda ‘hate’ it because, if I put it across the lid, no matter how much of it I layer, the color stays soft. I used this color on the lid in one of my latest looks

Q. 3

Gluttony: what brand takes up most of your collection?

That’s easy! Elf for sure!


Elf is most definitely the brand that I cannot live without!

Q. 4

Sloth: what product do you ignore most due to laziness? 

My MAC Pigments, Glitters, and Reflects.


Because I have these in column containers, they are very messy! And I don’t tend to play with glitter on the eyes. I’m not too good with it, and It never comes off how I like it to. If you have any tips on getting glitter off easily, pleeeeeease let me know!!! 😀

Q. 5

Pride: which products give you the most confidence?

Their are 2: La Bella Donna Mascara in Dark Earth, and Mattify! Cosmetics Blush in Harmony.


This mascara is the ideal, most essential mascara. It’s by La Bella Donna, and it’s around $26. It’s a very dark brown, but what’s unique about it is that its very cool toned. I ❤ it! As you know, in my review of Mattify! I LOOOVE this blush. (see details in the review). 😉

Q. 6

Lust: what product(s) are at the top of your wish list?

The Urban Decay Naked 2 and # palettes, and the SugarPill Palettes. (especially Heart Breaker).


(Naked 3) 😉


Heart Breaker Palette.



Burning Heart Palette. ❤ 😀



Sweet Heart Palette.

Q. 7 

Envy: what makeup product looks good on others, and not you?

Not exactly a product, but pale pink lips look terrible on me! 😛


So, here are the bloggers that I am tagging!

1. Glam Vasion

2. Amriaa

3. Carylalmelor

4. Lisanne Blogt

5. The Beauty Deputy

The rules are simple: answer the 7 questions, with pictures or without, and tag 5 other blogs!

I hope you enjoyed this! Thank you so much again to Beauty Adoration for tagging me! 😀

Have a lovely day sweeties! ❤ Lucy 

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