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LOTD: Insomnia

Hello loves! So, as you know, this is my last day of blogging, until April. 😦 I have a look using Makeup Geek Pigment in Insomnia, which I love. I was really happy on how this look turned out!





I hope you liked this! 😀 I will be posting another look today, so that you have 2 looks to see while I am gone. 🙂

I will have TOOOOONS of posts for you when I come back. I will be VERY backed-up! 😀 

❤ Lucy

Review: Sephora Limited Edition Palette

Hi loves! This is my last day of blogging until April! 😦 I have a review of one of my favorite palettes, the Sephora Limited Edition Palette! Here are some pics when I first got it:


Here is the palette now:



It folds up into this block, and it has a lock on the top.


Here are swatches of the eye shadows in the neutral color section. (the first 2 rows).



The rest of the neutrals:



All of the other shadows:


There are 12 cream eyeliners in the palette:


And there are 5 top-coat eye shadows, and 3 eye and cheek luminizers:


The other side is lip colors and glosses, and 5 3-in-ones, as well as 3 blushes: (3-in-ones are products you can use on the cheek, the eyes, and the lips).



The eye shadows are AMAZING! As you can see in the swatches, they are smooth and pigmented, (I did not treat the photos), and are great n all 3 textures. I use them ALL the time! Everything about them are awesome, so there’s not much more to say! 😀

The lip colors are also some of my top faves. All of the Sephora products have unique colors, and textures, so the lip colors are so fun to play around with. The are amazingly smooth, very pigmented, and I know I ill use them all up quickly! 😀

The blushes are very nice, although, I think they could have switched out one of the pinks for a peach, or a coral, or even a bronzer. All 3 of them are pigmented, smooth, easy to blend, the only annoying thing is that they are all in the pink family. One of them is more rose, but still. 🙂

Eye products: 5/5

Lip products: 5/5

Cheek products: 4/5

So this palette is definitely one that I will keep using and using. I got this palette last year, and still use it frequently. I went to the online Sephora store, and unfortunately, I couldn’t find this palette, so I guess it was limited edition after all! 🙂

I hope you liked this, I will post a look soon! 

❤ Lucy

LOTD: Julianne Hough Inspired

Hey loves! 😀 One more day, and I will be gone. wah 😦  But hey 🙂 Here is a natural look for all seasons, inspired by the gorgeous Julianne Hough! (I was planning on making a pictorial, but forgot halfway through the look. 😛 But next time I do a celebrity inspired look, I will do a tutorial)!


My interpretation:



As you can see, the lighting is a little dull, so you can’t see the effect that I did with highlighter. I made my skin glowy, just like Julianne’s but ya just can’t see it! ;P 😉

Hope you enjoyed this one! 

Any requests for Celebrity inspired looks?

❤ Lucy 😀

Wish List #7





MUFE Blushes



NYX Blushes


New MAC Blushes

When I first started out with makeup, I was all obsessed over the eye shadows. That’s all I would buy! But now I love eyes, lips, and I’m starting to get obsessed with blushes! 😀

What blushes are your faves? Any recommendations?

❤ Lu

LOTD: And We’re Gonna Let It Burn

Hello loves! I’m trying to fit in as much as I can before I’m gone all March. 😀 Today’s look is something out of the box, fun, and very bright! Hope you enjoy:





finished eyes:



I tried the look with funky purple lips…


And I tried the look with nude lips…




Hope you liked this fun one! 😀

Much love and hugs, ❤ Lucy

LOTD: Smokey Eyes: Do’s and Don’t’s

Hi my lovelies! 😀 So earlier, I did the TMI Tag, so check it out! Today’s look is how to do, and not to do a classic smokey eye. I went through each step, with tips on what to do and not to do. (the eye on your left is the right way to do it, and the eye on your right is the wrong one).


The base: 

Do: apply some of the black cream base to the lid, and blend it out from there.

Don’t: apply the black base all over the eyes, and then blend out.


Crease Blender:

Do: apply a matte gray shade, and blend.

Don’t: apply a matte black shade, and blend.


Crease Definition:

Do: apply a darker matte gray to the crease and blend.

Don’t: apply a matte black to the crease and blend.



Do: apply an off-black to the lid.

Don’t: apply more black all over the lid.



Do: blend everything out with a mix of the black and grays.

Don’t: blend everything out with black.


Lower Lash Line:

Do: apply the grays across the lower lash line, and a little black on the outer part, then blend.

Don’t: apply black thickly on the lower lash line, then blend.



Do: apply a warm brown to the brows.

Don’t: apply black to the brows.



Do: apply black or dark gray to the waterline

Don’t: apply white to the waterline.


The ‘don’t’ classic smokey eye..


The ‘do’ classic smokey eye.


You can even add a pop of color in the waterline if you want to.

I hope this was helpful!

Comment below if I missed something 😀

❤ Lucy

TMI Tag!

I told you all before that I couldn’t post all March, and I appreciate your support! ❤ 😀 But, hey, it’s not March yet! 😉 I’m excited to this really fun Tag, called the TMI Tag (Too Much Information) 😉 I’m sure you all know what this tag is, so here goes!

1. What are you wearing? Short-shorts, a black tank top, and a translucent half-top over.

2. Ever Been I Love? Nope, don’t think so!

3. Ever Had A Terrible Break-up? I’m not even allowed to have a boyfriend, so no!

4. How Tall Are You? 5′ 5”

5. How much do you weigh? and I would tell you that because…?

6. Any Tattoos? huh, no I ‘m only 13!

7. And Piercings? yes, my ears.

8. OTP? um, not sure what that is! (tell me in the comment section below ;D )

9. Favorite Show? The Voice!! And I also watch a lot of HGTV.

10. Favorite Band? I don’t really have a fave band…I like Imagine Dragons, but I also like U2 and Styx 😀

11. Something You Miss? How about something I will miss? My Blogs!! :;(

12. favorite song? There is no possible way I could say that! I like Katy Perry Dark Horse, Imagine Dragons Radioactive, Ellie Golding Let It Burn, and many many more!

13. what is your beauty obsession? everything to do with it! 😀 Makeup, Nail Polish, skin care, everything!

14. zodiac sign? Cancer.

15. Hidden Talent? all of the ones that come to mind are definitely not hidden, so I don’t know.

16. favorite quote? No clue! There are too many!

17. Favorite Actor? can’t choose one: Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence.

18. favorite color? I love blue, black, and army green.

19. Loud music, or soft? In the middle.

20. where do you go when you’re sad? either outside, or in my bedroom.

21. How Long do you take in the shower? not that long, most the time. Probably 3-5 minutes.

22. How Long does it take you to get ready in the morning? depends where I’m going. But usually around 20 minutes.

23. Ever been in a physical fight? depends what you mean by that 😛

24. favorite food? Ha. ha. ha. ha. Ok. my favorite food is: food, food, and food. Did that answer the question?

25. Favorite Book? geez, all these questions, and I always have more than one answer! I love Harry Potter, The Clockwork Three, and the Warriors series.

26. the reason you started blogging? to share my ideas with anyone who needs them.

27. fears? death, loosing everything/one I love.

28. last thing that made you cry? well, I didn’t really cry, but I did get teary, yesterday, when I was posting my ‘UH OH’ post! 😦

29. last time you said you love someone? last night, when I said goodnight to my puppy, who sleeps in my room.

30. meaning behind your blog name? I’M CRAZY ABOUT MAKEUP?!? um, ya.

31. Last book you read? Warriors #5…that reminds me, I have to order the 6th!

32. the book you’re currently reading? Here There Be Dragons, and Mockingjay, I’m also writing a book.

33. Last show you watched? Love It Or List It.

34. Last person you talked to? My mom, before she left to go somewhere.

35. Your relationship with the person you last texted? Can’t get a phone until I’m 14.

36. favorite place to be? anywhere with tons of food.

37. place you want to visit? New York, Italy, and Paris.

38. last place you were? last night, at an opera rehearsal.

39. do you have a crush? only celebs!

40. last time you kissed someone? no clue.

41. last time you were insulted? idk.

42. favorite flavor or sweet? anything flavored root beer or lemon!!

43. what instruments do you play? I play this thing called my voice

44. favorite piece of jewelry? My cross that my daddy-o got me a couple Christmas’s ago.

45. last sport you played? track and field. and I’m in it now!

46. last song you sang? weirdly enough, ‘We Will Rock You.’

47. fave chat up line? Hiya!

48. have you ever used it? wait what?

49. last time you hung out with someone? with my friend Mariah at rehearsal last night.

50. who would you like to tag? Here are the people I tag: anyone who wants to do it!

It’s really fun seeing all of the different answers, so if you read this, go ahead and do it yourself!

I hope you enjoyed this! I will be back with some makeup soon! 😀

❤ Lucy


Sooooooo…..very unfortunately, I will not be able to blog AT ALL, for the whole of March. 😦 It wasn’t my decision to do that, but I’m going to try to be ok with it. 🙂 I have lots of acting, sports and other activities that I can hopefully distract myself with. I’m very sad, because I love blogging, and looking at new posts from all of the blogs that I follow. I love creating posts for you! 🙂 Blogging means a whole lot to me, but sometimes a break is needed. 😛 I hope you all understand, and I will miss you all very much 😦

A month’s worth of love and hugs for every one of you! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Lucy 😦 

Wish List #6


I WANT THIS SO BAD (my most wanted product at the moment)!



Do you own any of these? Are they good? Do you want any of these?

😀 Lu