Liebster Award Again!

Hello my sweets! 😀 I have a look for you today, but before I get to it, I wanted to share that I got nominated 2 times for the Liebster award and also for the Shine On award, and I am going to do the Liebster award now, first. 😀

I got nominated by the lovely Kayle from Fashion Frenzy, and Martyyyna! I am going to answer Kayle’s questions:

Here are the 11 questions:

  1. Why do you blog? I blog because I want to share my beauty ideas with everyone who loves to do the same things as me.
  2. What is the movie that you could watch all day, every day, on repeat? I have no idea! 🙂
  3. What are three things you like about yourself? I like the color of my eyes, and I like my height. I also like my talents.
  4. What is one makeup disaster you hate? well, women make so many mistakes with their makeup, it’s hard to say one! But the first that my mind goes for is over drawn lips with a  dark brown lip liner! Bleh! 😛
  5. Who is the biggest role model in your life, and why? well, my parents are my full-time all around role models for life. They are honest, caring, and awesome human beings!…but personality wise, I LOOOVE Jennifer Lawrence. She’s so comfortable being who she is, and I look up to that! 😀
  6. Flats or Heels? Why? HEELS. Hands down. I hate flats! They are definitely not my style. 
  7. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? What’s ‘spare time?’ 😉 I like to blog, and read, and watch movies and TV, when I have this ‘spare time’ thing. 
  8. What is one item of clothing that you couldn’t live without? Um, well I couldn’t go around without shirt and pants! lol 😀 No, but for non-need clothing, I LOOOVE my huge scarf collection! So, scarves.
  9. What is your favorite thing in your closet? Well, that’d have to be my scarf collection! 😀
  10. Best thing you’ve done for someone and best thing that someone done to you? Like when you help out, or treat wise? I’ll go with treats! Maybe a when my parents surprised us with a trip to Disney Land. Also, going to Hawaii after Christmas a while ago. As for me doing something for someone….I’ve done many little things, such as buying my siblings stuff such as candy, or little things while I’m out with my friends. I can’t think of much else right now. 😛
  11. What is your favorite print to wear? I like solid colors mostly, because I can build off of them. But that’s not the case all the time. I like crosses, and fades, and I like transparent. 

11 Things about me!

  1. I am a Harry Potter FREAK.
  2. I have 2 dogs, a puppy, and about 35 chickens.
  3. I live on 20 acres.
  4. I LOVE to swim, and be outside. (as well as in)
  5. I am an actress and a singer.
  6. I have a secret passion for Hip-Hop. (not so secret anymore, na is it?) 😉
  7. I LOVE Hunger Games.
  8. When I was little, I did Ice Skating, and then Soft Ball, and then Horse Back Riding, and now I do track.
  9. I have loved horses since I was 4.
  10. I have a special talent for talking in accents. My two faves are Irish and British. 😀
  11. I have a younger brother, and an older sister.

Bonus fact! tehe 😀 All of my cousins on my dad’s side are boys, and all of my cousins on my mom’s side are girls!

Here are the 6 blogs that I would like to nominate:

1. Beauty By Caitlin

2. Carylalmelor

3. Elektra King

4. Beauty Adoration

5. Paint Me Pretty

6. For Vanity’s Sake

Some of you may have already done the award, but I appreciate all of you all the same, whether you do it or not 😀 ❤

I had a lot of fun with this! Thank you again to Kayle  and martyyyna for nominating me!

Have a beautiful day loves! 😀 ❤ Lucy


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