LOTD: Twisted Spring

Hello again gorgeous! 😀 Here is the look of the day, a funky, smokey and colorful blend…with a twist!


If you look at the pic, there is a difference with the eye looks.



I hope you liked the look! Something funky for you. 😀

Much love, Lucy 😀 ❤

9 thoughts on “LOTD: Twisted Spring

  1. The ” shine on” award is made for you, you look gorgeous.
    Besides I forgot before ,I agree with Bruno Mars, we love him too!

  2. Pretty! Reminds me a bit of the trip I took to NYC with some girlfriends many moons ago when Sephora was just becoming a thing – every day we’d leave the apartment bare faced and go NUTS. No colour was off the table. I’m sure we didn’t do half as good as job as yours (we looked like circus clowns, straight up), but it was still fun. 🙂

    • Thank you 😀 Omg, such a fun story! Hehe, whenever I hear that I am going to Sephora I always go naked faced, and it’s just so hard to pick which products to use when you get there! I go nuts too 😉 Thank you for stopping by love! 😀

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