Another Blog?

Hey guys 😀 So, my blog started out as a makeup blog. Now, I have fashion, and COTD. I was thinking, maybe I should start a fashion blog, and keep this blog as just makeup related posts. Of course, on this blog, I would keep doing things like makeup looks, reviews, and Wish Lists. If I start a fashion blog, it would be my fashion collages. Which blog do you think Color Of The Day should be on? PLEASE tell me what you think, I want your thoughts. 😀

Comment below! 

❤ Lu


4 thoughts on “Another Blog?

  1. I think cotd can go with either blog pages because they kind of relate in some way together! If it’s too much for you, you can just categorise your topics on your makeup blog and add a separate fashion section. Just a suggestion! 🙂 x

    • Well, I am a very orginized person, and I’ve been thinking about Starting another blog for a bit now. Yes, it will be Fashion Diary entries, and Color Of The Day 😀

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