LOTD: Smokey Eyes: Do’s and Don’t’s

Hi my lovelies! 😀 So earlier, I did the TMI Tag, so check it out! Today’s look is how to do, and not to do a classic smokey eye. I went through each step, with tips on what to do and not to do. (the eye on your left is the right way to do it, and the eye on your right is the wrong one).


The base: 

Do: apply some of the black cream base to the lid, and blend it out from there.

Don’t: apply the black base all over the eyes, and then blend out.


Crease Blender:

Do: apply a matte gray shade, and blend.

Don’t: apply a matte black shade, and blend.


Crease Definition:

Do: apply a darker matte gray to the crease and blend.

Don’t: apply a matte black to the crease and blend.



Do: apply an off-black to the lid.

Don’t: apply more black all over the lid.



Do: blend everything out with a mix of the black and grays.

Don’t: blend everything out with black.


Lower Lash Line:

Do: apply the grays across the lower lash line, and a little black on the outer part, then blend.

Don’t: apply black thickly on the lower lash line, then blend.



Do: apply a warm brown to the brows.

Don’t: apply black to the brows.



Do: apply black or dark gray to the waterline

Don’t: apply white to the waterline.


The ‘don’t’ classic smokey eye..


The ‘do’ classic smokey eye.


You can even add a pop of color in the waterline if you want to.

I hope this was helpful!

Comment below if I missed something 😀

❤ Lucy

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