Wish List #7





MUFE Blushes



NYX Blushes


New MAC Blushes

When I first started out with makeup, I was all obsessed over the eye shadows. That’s all I would buy! But now I love eyes, lips, and I’m starting to get obsessed with blushes! 😀

What blushes are your faves? Any recommendations?

❤ Lu

9 thoughts on “Wish List #7

    • I think there are a lot of not high end products which are very good and some even better than expensive one. Also we should take into account that some brands are owned by one company and they make mak-up products almost the same, just high-end has coolr packaging:)

      • Thank you Anastasiias! 😀 I really do have to start looking into which blush lines are the best. Thank you for your knowledge! ❤

  1. I’m not big on blush at all! I much prefer bronzers, as I have quite well structured cheekbones so they’re easy to contour. I have a lot of redness in my face and I feel that blush only brings this out further, after going through all the effort of trying to cover it up in the first place with my foundation! Saying that, the NYX collection you’ve posted here looks to have some really pretty shades! I will definitely be searching to try these out.

    • Hi Sarah! 😀 I also love bronzer, it’s a great product to have. Yes, some blushes have very red undertones, therefore bringing out redness. Maybe try something like a true peachy color. The NYX ones should definitely give some options as well! 😀

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