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Fun Pics, and Makeup w/ BFF!

Hey lovelies! 😀 So, a few days ago, my best friend Jerica came over, and we took funny pics, and I did both of our makeup. 


Here’s the look I did on me, and here is the one I did on Jer:


And theeen, we went crazy with pictures:






sooo yeeeaaahhh

Hope you enjoyed! I’ll see ya later! 😀

❤ Lucy

PROM SEASON!!!!!! (please read)

YES! It’s Prom Season! And with it comes amazing dresses, beautiful hair, and gorgeous makeup. In early June, it will be my very first Prom! 😀 I’m happily anticipating the arrival of my dress, being shipped this week. (I’ll post pics when it comes) 😉

So, I just wanted to know…..any requests? Throughout May, I will be posting and playing around with different looks to match all different kinds of dresses. In the comments below, ask me to do anything you’d like, in detail or not, I’d really love to know!

Also, if you are attending Prom (or any special occasion really), and want to send me a pic of what your wearing, PLEASE email me at:!! I’d really really really really love to see what your wearing for your occasion, and make a post of a look to go with it.

Thank you so much for reading. Hoping to hear from some of you!

❤ Lucy 😀

LOTD: Spring Smokey Look

Hi cuties! 😀 I hope you all had an amazing weekend. It was my Dad’s birthday on Sunday, and we had so much fun playing card games at the table. (we tend to be very competitive, hehe 😉 )

So, Spring is all about looking fresh and glowy. Pastels, soft pink, and highlighter are important things at this time of year. This is NOT the time for classic smokey eyes, and strong black liner. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear smokey looks in Spring. Here is something using rosy hues on the crease, light lids, and smokey off-black winged liner. (Off-black is much softer and better for the Spring time than true black).

So here is the look:



I hope you enjoyed this look, and found this somewhat adding to your Spring look options! 😀

❤ Lucy


The Sisterhood Award!

Hi loves! I’m going to start off the day with this award. I got nominated by the lovely EvelenMargaret


Here are my 12 nominees:

  1. Beauty By Britanie
  2. Leah’s Fashion Blog
  3. Elese, Aesthete
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  12. GlitterGirlC

I hope you can all take the time to post this award, with your 12 nominees! I’ll be back with some makeup!


❤ Lucy

LOTD: Birds Of A Feather

Hi Crazies! 😀 (hehe, see what I did there)? 😉 

I hope you all are having/had an awesome Thursday!

Today’s look is this fun, feathery, and colorful look for some Spring time fun.












For this look, I used the Color Workshop 100 Piece Palette.

I hope you liked, and enjoyed! 😀

❤ Lucy 😀

Transform Your Lips!

Hi again loves! 😀 So, I know a lot of gals have thin lips, and are unhappy with them. I have medium/full lips, so I don’t know how you feel exactly, but I personally think that thin lips are so gorgeous! 😀 If you still want to play around with a bit of lip enlarging, I made a tutorial:


From this, to this:


It’s not a humongous difference, but that’s the look I was going for, only a slight enlarging.

Here is a simple, few step tutorial on how to achieve this effect:


Step 1: on an everyday basis, you need to just apply a simple, moisturizing lip balm. My favorites are: Vaseline, Burt’s Bees, and Blistex DCT. Do NOT use Carmex, it only dries out the lips. Also, once a week, exfoliate the lips. Here are 2 inexpensive options: Use the Elf Lip Exfoliator, only $2, or use a pinch of normal, plain sugar. So, anyway, just start with a smooth, clean lip canvas.


Step 2: Line your lippies with a nude lip liner. I used Maybelline’s Nude. Begin by outlining your natural shape, and then fill in, Te continue to outline, going slightly out of your natural lip shape.


Step 3: next, take a darker lip liner, and go over the same shape. I used L’Oreal Infallible Lip Liner in Red/Wine.


Step 4: apply a matching lipstick over the slightly exaggerated shape. I used Mary Kay Signature Lipstick in Cinnamon Twist.


Step 5: finish the lips off with some gloss. I used my favorite lip gloss, Mentha Lip Tint in Violet Mint. 

Helpful Tips:

  • gloss makes the lips look bigger.
  • darker colors make the lips look smaller. (if you have thin lips, but want to try a dark color, slightly over-draw your lip shape)
  • If you have exaggerated your lip shape, make sure to use lip liner so that the shape lasts.
  • Be EXTREMELY careful not to make it obvious that you’e over drawn. It will look terrible.
  • in your free time, PRACTICE. You can’t just try this trick for your very first time, and walk out the door. Practice is VERY important!

I hop this was helpful!

If you have any questions, please comment below!

❤ Lucy 😀

LOTD: By The Pool, In The Heat Of The Day

I don’t know about you guys, but it is HOT here in California! 😀 It’s been over 80 degrees several times! 😛 

Here is a look using bluish, cool toned colors on the eyes, and warm lips and cheeks. It reminded me of the coming Summer! 






I hope you enjoyed this one! 😀

How cold/hot is it where you live?

❤ Lucy



Recreation: Golden Bronzed Glam

Hi again lovelies! I know I already posted an LOTD today, but I was just so inspired by this gorgeous look, that I had to recreate it right away!!


Here is the look I was inspired by, created by Sonalhira! Isn’t it just gorgeous? 

She used the Naked Palette (1st edition) from Urban Decay, and has a step-by-step tutorial written up, so make sure to check it out!

Anyway, here is my recreation!


I hope you enjoyed this recreation! Make sure to check out the link above for some great makeup ideas!

😀 Lucy

Liebster Award!

Hi again! 😀 Today I have an award post for you! 🙂 


Thank you so much to Chelsi from ThatMakeupish for nominating me! 😀 ❤

The Rules

1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you 

2. Answer the 10 questions given to you by your nominator

3. Choose 10 bloggers to nominate

4.  Make up 10 questions for your nominees

Chelsi’s Questions:

1. Who is your favorite celebrity for their makeup? Hmmm…I’ve loved a lot of Celebrity’s makeup looks, but I’d have to say Christina Aguilera.

2. Natural makeup or glam makeup? It depends, but I would say most the time, glam. 🙂

3. One makeup product you can’t live without? I would have to say my Wet n’ Wild Big Bold Curl Mascara! It’s amazing! Check out the review here.

4. Favorite skin care product? I love the Clean and Clear Oil-Free Moisturizer Gel. It’s really nice and refreshing. The only thing I don’t love about it is that it doesn’t have any SPF in it.

5. What is you go-to accessory? My diamond cross that my dad got me for Christmas a couple years ago.

6. Which season is your favorite for fashion? I love this question! 😀 But I can’t figure out an answer….I love Summer and Winter Fashions, but I also enjoy the other seasons for fashion purposes.

7. Where do you shop most? For makeup and clothes, definitely Target.

8. Who or what inspires you? Some bloggers: GlitterGirlC, and Linda Hallberg. Design-Seeds inspire me, books, movies, and just looking at my makeup. 😉

9. If I looked at your makeup collection, what brand would i see most of? Elf.

10. What does makeup mean to you? It means a lot, that’s for sure! And not in the way that you’d think. I don’t like using makeup to change, I like using makeup to enhance.

My 10 Nominees!!!

  1. Beauty In Beta
  2. Flight Of Whimsy
  3. Just French Style Blog
  4. Makeup Bakeup
  5. Nerdy. Teen. Drama Queen!
  6. RaRa Reid
  7. The Adorned Claw
  8. Think. Love. Makeup.
  9. xEmmyLovex
  10. Fashion Frenzy

My 10 Questions:

  1. In one word, how would you describe your makeup style?
  2. If you could dye  your hair, what color/style would it be?
  3. Eyeliner or Mascara?
  4. Lipstick or Lipgloss?
  5. How many years/months have you been blogging?
  6. What career would you like to take on?
  7. what is the last career you would take on?
  8. Are you messy neat or in the middle?
  9. What is you favorite restaurant? Describe the food there. 
  10. Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, link it. If not, have you considered starting one?

I hope that all of my nominees can do this award, I would LOVE to see your answers to these questions!!!!

Have an amazing day loves! ❤

😀 Lucy