Drugstore Haul: Elf and Sally Hansen

At the beginning of March, I took a trip to Target. I had to restock on some of my fave Elf stuff, and a few other things caught my eye while I was there.



I got this new Sally Hansen product: The Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat! I was very impressed by this, though I expected as much, because Sally Hansen is a great and trusty drugstore brand. It works great as a smooth, quick-drying base coat, and gives the perfect shiny, long-wearing top coat effect. This product was around 3-4 dollars.


before top coat.



After top coat. (I took the pictures in very reflective lighting, so there isn’t a huge difference in the pics, but trust me, this product does a fantabulous job!


This is the Elf Lip Exfoliator, something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. It’s $2, and works awesomely! 😀 It has sugar, and other yummy products in it that will remove dead and flaking skin on the lips without hurting, or burning at all. And it tastes amazing! 😉


I’ve gone through 3 tubes of this awesome stuff. It has been my favorite mascara for a while. (until I found another drugstore one that I review soon)! It has an average-sized wand, it’s very black, and creates great length and definition for only $1!!!!!



This is another product that I’ve gotten before that I love. It’s a great black liquid liner, goes on smooth and lasts forever for only $1!!!


I had 2 Elf Cream liners before I got this one. A dark blue one in Midnight, and THE MOST AMAZING ONE EVEEEEERRRRR Elf Cream Eyeliner in Black. I wanted to try the Coffee shade. These liners are only $3, with a lot of product. Trust me, I have tried the MAC Fluid-lines, and Elf Black is 100 times better hands-down than MAC Blacktrack. The Elf liners go on great, nice and smooth. (they also come with a handy little angled brush, great to keep for travel). And they dry veeeery long-lasting.


(doesn’t loo amazing in the pics, but TRUST ME these liners are the best liners the world has to offer).

So that’s it, small, but I love all of these. Wow, I’ve had great luck! On all of the products I’ve ever gotten, I’ve never recieved or bought a bad one! …(yet) 😉

Hope you enjoyed, any questions or requests? Comment below!

Much love and hugs, Lucy ❤ 😀

14 thoughts on “Drugstore Haul: Elf and Sally Hansen

  1. It’s hard to resist elf! I’ve been wanting to try that little lip exfoliating stick. I know it’s easy enough to make one at home but the format of this just seems so convenient!

  2. I love elf liquid eyeliner 🙂 I was hesitant to try it because another budget brand that was super runny kept washing in my eyes. I’m glad I tried elf though, no problems at all.

    • I love it too! Oh no, that’s not good. Yes, When I first saw this liner I was also a little hesitant, but that’s the great thing about Elf, you only spend a buck or two to try new things! 😀

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