Hi again lovelies! I got this mascara in March, and I was so overly impressed, I had to put up some pics. This mascara is called the Wet n Wild Big Bold Curl Mascara, and I got it in the blackest black shade.


Here are my lashes before the mascara:


And here are my lashes after:


And shockingly, this is only a few swipes.



It’s in a large tube:


Here it is compared to a popular mascara:



The wand it HUMONGOUS:



This mascara is a very moist formula, that lengthens, and defines unlike any expensive mascara. Trust me, I’ve tried so many mascaras, and this one is by  far the best; and the best part: it’s only $4!! Now, there are other mascaras that can build up lashes just like this one can, but the difference is that other mascaras have to be applied over and over again, and it takes a long time. As for this Wet n Wild mascara, you only need a couple of swipes to create the exact same effect.

So I very highly recommend this!!!

❤ Lucy 😀

4 thoughts on “BEST MASCARA EVER!!!!!

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