A Guide To Prom Beauty!

As I promised, here are the guidelines I go by for Prom beauty. 😀

Let’s get right in to it! (I’ll try not to make this too long). 🙂



Most teens I know don’t wear foundation. But for special occasions, like Prom, where you’ll be taking tons of pictures, a good matte foundation is actually very important. Sure, you don’t HAVE to wear foundation, but then you’ll have a shiny, washed-out face in pics. Not good. So, let’s say that you don’t own a foundation. Well, get a few bucks, and start searching for the perfect color at your local drugstore. The thing with going to drugstores is that most the time, you can’t test the color. Try your best to choose the right color. Bring your mom, sister, or friend, so that you can get another person’s perspective on the color. If you find a formula you LOVE, and are reeeeaaally apprehensive that the color won’t work, and you can’t tell if it’s right, ask an employee if you can somehow test the foundation. (remember, their there to help you)! Still can’t test the color? Wort comes to worst, you’ll buy the foundation, and you go home test it (in good lighting) an the shade isn’t quite right). You can return it! 🙂 And of course, if you own a foundation that’s matte, and perfectly matched to your skin, use it! note: matte is the best texture for prom. Sure, it may feel a little like a mask, but trust me, you will look AMAZING in pictures. Plus, it’s lasts longest too. EVERY SKIN TONE LOOKS BEST WITH A YELLOW TONED FOUNDATION. Pink undertones with show up ashy, and pale. And orange undertones will just make you look like you caked a bad bronzer all over your face. If you’re unsure about a foundation shade, DON’T BUY IT. You will know when it’s the right shade and formula.


Concealer is really a life saver. It’s definitely a product you should pack along for touch ups through out the night. Pick one according to your skin type. Oily? Choose something more pasty for blemishes, and apply it UNDER foundation. Dry? Choose a creamy concealer. Normal? It really depends with whatever your skin leans toward. For your under eye, pick a concealer that is creamier, and in most cases, light-weight. Really dark under-eye circles? First of all, get lots of water and sleep! But for the time being, choose a thicker concealer (not too thick or it will just end up creasing and looking awful) or a correcter. 


Choose a powder with color. I love translucent, but sometimes, colored powder is better in pics. Foundation is something you can splurge on, but you can find a great powder at a drugstore. I know Maybelline and Revlon have great powders. Powders are for setting, mattifying, and making your makeup last.


Blush is a very important element for bringing color to the face in pictures. The trick is to apply a little bit at a time. 

Light Skin: choose a light, natural shade light peach, Or if you’re opting for more color, go with a pretty pale pink.

Medium/Tan/Olive Skin: This is my skin tone group! 😀 I love to wear light terracotta, or a natural rose color. A slightly darker pink looks great too.

Medium/Dark Skin: Think Jennifer Lopez. Try a slightly darker terracotta, or light plum. Rosey pinks look gorgeous as well.

Dark Skin: When you have very dark skin, you have the safest time playing with blush colors. Because your skin is dark, you can build up the color like no one else. Try a dark terracotta for a more natural look, or a medium brownish rose color. My all-time fave for dark skin is Fuchsia! (a bright pink). And red too. Orange is also trending, so try orange for a warm glow. Those colors sound intimidating, but trust me, they look amazing on the dark gals.


If you have very cool toned skin, try to warm it up with a touch of bronzer. PLEASE do not go over board with bronzer! You’ll look like someone smeared Nutella over your face. Not such a great look.

Light Skin: Use a peachy light bronze. In this skin color group, you have to be very careful with the bronzing products. Start light, and get other people’s opinions before you add more bronzer.

Medium/Tan/Olive Skin: Think a slight golden bronze. I love to use a bronzer with a slight gold sparkle with it for this skin color group. (not glitter, shimmer. They are very different, and should NOT be confused with each other)!!!

Medium Dark Skin: Try a tawny bronze shade.

Dark Skin: use a deep bronze, or a copper.

Don’t have a bronzer? It’s ok, you can get a cheap one at a drugstore. Or, you could find an eye shadow in your collection that’s a perfect bronzing shade.


A touch of highlighter is very important for pictures. The trick is to find one with a sheen, pearl, or slight shimmer, and NOT a glittery one!!

Light Skin: looks great with a peachy tinted highlighter, or if you very fair, a white.

Medium/Tan/Olive Skin: choose a rose tinted highlighter. (make sure the color is just a sliiiiiight tint, and not an obvious color).

Medium/Dark Skin: try a honey tinted highlighter.

Dark Skin: Use a gold tinted highlighter with gold/yellow undertones. Anything pink will look ashy and gray.

Apply your highlighter to the highest points on the face. (down nose, top of upper lip, (cupid’s bow), cheek bones, and brow bone).


You nay be thinking, wait, but you already but a section on bronzer. BRONZER AND CONTOUR ARE NOT THE SAME THING!!!!! So many people are tricked by this. Bronzer is for warming up the face for a sun-kissed glow. Contouring is slightly adding more shape and dimension to the face. And bronzer is slightly shimmery, and contour powder is matte. See? Completely different!

NOT EVERYBODY NEEDS CONTOURING. Contouring is only for those who need more shape to their face. (i.e. someone with a round face). If you have naturally dramatic bone structure, their really isn’t need to contour.

With very pale skin that needs contouring, use a veeery light matte brown. I recommend using Naked eye shadow from Urban Decay. (you can get it singly, or in the original Naked Palette).

It’s very important to take it easy with contouring. If you have no idea where to start, look up ‘contouring for _______ face shape.’


Brows are fairly simple. If you have very pale brows, like blonde, choose a MATTE ashy brown shade. If you are a brunette use a MATTE medium brown shade. And if your brows are very dark brown, or black, use a dark BROWN shade. (PLEASE do NOT use black)!! Finish the brows with clear or tinted brow gel.


In this section is where your safest. You can play with a bunch of different looks. For inspiration, look around allover the internet. Or, you can check out some of my Prom Makeup series looks! Practice things like winged eyeliner and false eye lashes throughout the month before Prom, to get some experience in.


The lips can be very fun, but you need to make sure that your lip color will last. Or that if it fades, it won’t look bad. Planning on doing a red lip? Just know, that red lips need up keep if you want them looking perfect all night. What I recommend? I have an all-time fave drugstore lip line that is long lasting. I HIGHLY recommend the Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Cremes. You can buy them at Target for only $2, and they come on rose, nude, red, pink, and more. I own one called Red My Mind, and I’m telling you now, it’s the most long lasting thing you’ll ever put on you face. I wore it on Halloween last year, and it’s a matte, bright red, and it didn’t fade or flake one single bit throughout many hours of talking and eating. I know, it sounds too good to be true! But really, it’s not.


The bottom line:

Just have fun! Prom is a very special thing that only comes once a year, and most don’t have the chance to go to it.

So, I hope some of you found this helpful! And if you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask! 😀

xoxoxoxo, Lucy ❤

11 thoughts on “A Guide To Prom Beauty!

  1. These were some great tips, Lu! 🙂 hope you have a fun prom night, I already know you are going to be the prettiest girl there

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  3. useful for anyone! especiall this ” BRONZER AND CONTOUR ARE NOT THE SAME THING!!!!!” ..sp many people make this orange line under cheek bone.. sad:/

  4. Love this guide! Great info. Orange colors work great on darker girls too. When I first saw orange for a blush, I though oompa loompa. When I put it on, it gave me a nice warm glow to my skin.

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