Basic Makeup Steps in Full Detail

a great basic guide!

My Miami Makeup Artist

Review: Steps in Makeup
  1. Prepare the Skin for makeup.
  2. Concealer
  3. Foundation
  4. Bronzer
  5. Set Makeup with Powder
  6. Cheeks
  7. Lips
  8. Eyebrows
  9. Eyes
  10. Highlight

Thorough Details of a Full-Face Basic Makeup Application

Preparing the Skin for Makeup

  1. The purpose of preparing the skin for makeup is so that the skin looks its absolute best, is protected, and so that the makeup looks flawless.
  2. HYGIENE is important when beginning any makeup application. Make sure you have hand sanitizer on you or that you wash your hands before touching your client’s skin. Brushes should be clean and makeup products should be disinfected before the appointment. I like to carry hand sanitizer on me during the makeup application and use it in front of my client so that she feels comfortable if my hands come in contact with her skin.
  3. CLEANSE the face with a makeup wipe. For sensitive/dry skin, use a cream-based makeup remover such as Bobbi…

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