Julep NYFW Sweepstakes and Custom Color!!

Hi again beauties! 😀

I have something apart from makeup in this post…Nails! I really love doing my nails, and fun Summer polishes are my all time faves! Presently, I’ wearing a bright red, my go-to easy clean color. Red’s great because it never goes out of style.

JULEP emailed me recently, and they asked me to put up a post on which color would I choose if I could create my own nail polish. My color choice further down. 😉 I’m so excited, so let’s get onto it!

What is your favorite Summer nail color palette inspired by?

A lot of gals like nails inspired by Sunsets, and the Ocean. Me? I LOVE to take color inspiration from the bright tropical birds from all around the world. I’ve always been awed by how beautiful and colorful some birds are. It’s almost unreal! 😀  Here are a few pictures of some crazy colorful birds:

colorful bird photos

colorful bird photos

colorful bird photos

Here is the one with my favorite trendy color in it:

colorful bird photos

See that gorgeous blue-green shade? That would be the color of my custom polish! 😀

Here are some pics inspired by this gorgeous Summer/Spring shade:

So, Julep is giving an opportunity to create you very own nail polish color! They also have an awesome Sweepstakes going on, to check it out, CLICK HERE!

Make sure to click HERE to see Julep’s awesome nail polishes!

Please make sure to sign up, and SHARE to get more chances! 😀

What color would YOUR Custom Polish be?

Lots of love and hugs,

Lucy ❤

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