My Real Name…

Hi lovelies!

So…. As you can see by the title, something has been bugging me for a while now. To cut to the chase, my name isn’t really Lucy. Yep. Before I was born, my name was going to be Luciana (so Lucy for short) but when I was born, I didn’t look like a Lucy, sooo my parents named me Ava.Yep. Ava is my real name! When I first started blogging, my mom didn’t want my real name on the Internet, but I asked her if I could have my real name on here now, and she said it was fine..Hope you don’t mind switching from Lucy to calling me Ava. 🙂 so ya! I will be changing my WordPress icon thing name to Ava, soon, (but not quite yet, cuz I don’t have the ability to get on my computer this weekend) but I just needed to get that over with Haha 😀

So, I have about a kajillion makeup looks I have to post, and I’m going to try to post more often next week. (I don’t post on weekends). So make sure to stay tuned for lots of makeup looks coming up!
Love you all!

Xoxo Ava ❤
*gee saying Ava sounds weird now!

14 thoughts on “My Real Name…

  1. I was hesitant to post my name on the internet, too, but I figured first names weren’t too private, right? Can’t wait to see your new makeup looks, Ava.

  2. I think Ava is very interesting unusual name, which stuck in head very easily, so I think it’s a good change for your blog also;)

  3. I still haven’t revealed my name on my blog. I don’t know why but I’m quite nervous as my blog isn’t really something I openly share with everybody and I wouldn’t like certain people to stumble across it. Ava is a beautiful name and I’m happy that you’ve shared it with your readers!

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