Just Letting You Know…

Hi crazies! 😀 I know that I’ve been posting a lot less often then I usually do, and I want to apologize for and explain this. For the past couple months, I’ve been in an operetta which is very fun, but also very time consuming. My last show is on Sunday,  and then on Monday, I will be out of town for a few days… And starting November first, I’m going to be moving, so that will be busy and stressful as well. I’m trying to post whenever I get a free hour. But if there are large gaps in between me posting, now you know what’s going on. Again, I’m sorry for being bad with posting. I have a couple of reviews, and tons of looks to put up! It really irritates me when I miss another day for posting. So sorry!
But now you know!
Thank you for reading!
Have an amazing, beautiful day!
Xoxo Ava ❤

11 thoughts on “Just Letting You Know…

  1. It’s all good. Life happens! No one can always be on time when it comes to posting and posting consistently isn’t as easy as it sounds. I really do enjoy your posts and hope that you have an amazing and beautiful day as well! ❤ xo

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