Essence Eye Products: Review, Swatches, and Makeup Looks!

Hi Crazies! 😀

Even though I went to bed at 1 in the morning, I got up early to make sure i posted today. 😛 😉

Today’s review is of some new Essence eye products. I’ve never tried Essence, up until now, so when I received the products I was VERY excited!

So, onto the review!

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 049

All of the products!

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 050

The first product I got into was the eye primer.

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 051

The I ❤ Stage Eyeshadow Base:

In the picture, I swatched a dark brown eye shadow without the primer is on the left, and with the primer is on the right. You can see the big difference! First off, I LOVE the simple, cute but practical packaging. It’s very easy for me to store in my makeup collection. The texture of the primer is medium/light weight, so it’s easy to just slip on the eye with the awesome wand applicator. (which I love as well. Wand applicators are very easy to work with). The primer also gives a bit of coverage, and it really grab onto eye shadows really well, which is surprising, because a lot of light-weight primers don’t always grip the eye shadows you put on top.

Overall thoughts:

Smoothness: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Packaging: 100/5 😀

Long Lasting: 5/5

I would highly recommend this primer!!

Onto the 4 six-color eye shadow palettes:

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 053

Essence All About Nude Palette

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 054

Natural light

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 055


HUGE Haul! MUL galore 057

Essence All About Sunrise Palette.

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 058

Natural light.

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 059


HUGE Haul! MUL galore 061

Essence All About Paradise Palette

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 062

Natural light.

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 063


HUGE Haul! MUL galore 065

Essence All About Candies Palette.

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 066

The Essence All About _______(Eyeshadow) Palettes:

First off, the packaging: Oh my gosh, it’s so awesome!!! The eye shadows are a great size, the palettes are very well put together with that nice, simple, cute and convenient packaging. The All About Nudes Palette is really nice, and I think it would be perfect for travel. You could easily slip it in your purse or travel bag, and you have a great variety of colors for everyday looks, and with the darker ones, you could create an evening look. The All About Sunrise Palette I think is my favorite. The eye shadows are super smooth, and are super silky. I especially love that reeeally pigmented gold shade! 😀 Again, this would be a nice palette for travel for the same reasons. The All About Paradise Palette is my other favorite. And you know why! The super bright and pigmented fun colors! Again, the eye shadows are like silk, and they last really long! The All About Candies Palette is really great if you want to add color, but keep your eyes light and open at the same time. Although, the overall quality of the eye shadows are good, the Candies colors didn’t swatch as pigmented as the rest.

If I could only choose two of these palettes to have, I would choose the Sunrise Palette, and the Paradise Palette. (but I still love all of them) 😉

Overall Thoughts:

Pigmentation: 5/5 (exception: Candies Palette: 4/5)

Smoothness: 5/5

Long Lasting: 5/5

Packaging: 100/5 😀

Here are some makeup looks I did using the palettes:

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 099

For this look, I used some of the shades from the Sunrise Palette.

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 102

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 113

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 151

For this one, I used some of the Candies eye shadows.

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 152

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 157

And for this one, I used all of the shades from the Paradise Palette.

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 153


HUGE Haul! MUL galore 154


HUGE Haul! MUL galore 156


HUGE Haul! MUL galore 158


HUGE Haul! MUL galore 159

Next product!

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 067


HUGE Haul! MUL galore 068


HUGE Haul! MUL galore 069



The Essence Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencils:

These eyeliners are my new favorites!!! They glide on super smooth, and once you put them on, they set and don’t move for the rest of the day. Amazing!! In the picture, you can see they sent me a brown, a gray, a black, a blue, a teal, and a green. The blue was the only one that swatched a little patchy, but’s that the only flaw in all. 🙂 My favorite shades are the teal and the green! First off, isn’t that teal shade to die for? It’s so pigmented and gorgeous! My new everyday makeup look staple is the green eye liner. I line my eyes with it everyday to make the dark green in my eyes pop. The colors are all gorgeous, and I’m really impressed with these eyeliners!

Overall thoughts:

Smoothness: 5/5

Pigmentation: 5/5 (exception: blue pencil: 4/5)

Long Lasting: 1oo/5 😉

Packaging: 5/5

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 070

They also sent me 2 liquid eyeliner pens!

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 071

The Essence Liquid Eyeliner Pens:

The one on the right is the Essence Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, and the one on the right is the Essence Extra LongLasting Eyeliner Pen.

My favorite of the two is the Waterproof one. (the one with the blue lettering). It’s a little more black. The Extra Long Lasting pen is SUPER long lasting for sure, but it seemed to dry out very quickly, as where the waterproof one is really nice, and didn’t dry out after a few uses. They are both really smooth and I love the pen tip, and they stay on all day, but the waterproof one beat the long lasting one when it comes to pigmentation.

Overall Thoughts:

Pigmentation: 5/5 (exception: Long Lasting Pen: 4/5)

Smoothness: 5/5

Packaging: 5/5

Long Lasting: A Million/5 (seriously)

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 072


HUGE Haul! MUL galore 073

The Essence Metal Glam Eye Shadows:

These are so fun! Each of them are super smooth, and pigmented. My favroite is the brown shade, because I don’t have anything quite like it, but I love both of them. And the packaging deal is consistent: Super cute and very practical at the same time.

Overall Thoughts:

Pigmentation: 5/5

Smoothness: 5/5

Packaging: 5/5

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 074


HUGE Haul! MUL galore 075

Bare lashes.

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 076

With one coat of the mascara.

The Essence I ❤ Extreme Volume Mascara:

I. Love. This. Mascara! It’s amazing! As you can see in the before and after pictures, this mascara is super lengthening, and very black, and it has no clumps. So if clumps bother you, but you still want lengthy lashes, get this mascara.

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 078


HUGE Haul! MUL galore 077

No mascara…

HUGE Haul! MUL galore 079

With one coat of this mascara.

The Essence Lash Mania Reloaded False Lash Mascara:

I now use this mascara everyday! It’s awesome! It’s super black, and really defines your lashes for the false lash look. I also love the shape and size of the wand.

I LOVE both of the mascaras, and since they each create a different effect on the lashes, I can’t choose between them. 🙂


And that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed my review! CLICK HERE to check out all of the Essence products.

Well Essence is definitely a new favorite brand for me! I was so impressed by all of the products! I highly recommend them.

Have an amazing, beautiful day!

Xoxo Ava 😀 ❤


These products were sent to me, I did not buy them. However, the review is all my own thoughts. These pictures were not edited in anyway.

11 thoughts on “Essence Eye Products: Review, Swatches, and Makeup Looks!

  1. O.M.G oodness,,, w0w Sooo many to pick & choose from,,,, this *NEW Cross dresser will take them: ALL !!!!!! lol & the way U wrote the post/review i…really like it 🙂 I do *LOVE the look of cat eye makeup…a lot lol- but seeing what else can be done with eyes the way U do….your eye makeup…I,m thinking? I too…. can start to learn how to apply to the looks & style like this for Kelly. nice/good review thanx !!!!

  2. I LOVE the look you did with the paradise palette simply amazing!!!! And I realized you and I both have the same first name xP


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