LOTD: Purple Ombre

Hey Crazies!

Today’s look is definitely a statement look. Not a lot of people would wear a dark purple and pink ombre lip, and I did do the purple really dark, so if you want to wear this look but are uncomfortable with the darkness of the lips, just use lighter shades. And maybe add a gloss too. It will make it more wearable. As for the eyes,I kept them neutral and cool toned.

So here we go:







Here’s a tip for this look: If you do want to recreate this, and you don’t have a dark purple lipstick, you don’t have to go out and buy one. One of my most important rules of makeup is to never just use eyeliner as eyeliner. Lipstick as lipstick. Get my point? So instead of spending money on a purple lipstick, use a dark purple eyeliner and some eyeshadow. Easy peasy. 😉

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s look!

Have an amazing, beautiful day!

Xoxo Ava 😀 ❤

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