Little Update

Hey Crazies! Sorry for not posting for over a week, I have again ran out of space on my blog for pictures, and last year when this happened I bought a little more space for $20. Now that the space has run out again, I was planning on buying the same $20 deal, but I can’t find it. All WordPress is offering me is the premium update for $99 that comes with all this extra stuff, which I don’t want! I just want to buy some more space. So PLEASE comment below if you know if WordPress still sells the $20 space deals, or I might have to stop blogging. I’m not spending $99 to get something I don’t even want.
Please comment!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Little Update

  1. I can still find the $20 (per year) for +10GB on the store tab under “Space Upgrades”, but I haven’t bought one myself.

    You might want to consider uploading smaller pictures. I mean if you are taking the pictures on your digital camera, there is no need to upload them that big. This is great for printing them, but there is no need to upload them like that online. Pictures online are usually way smaller. Visit web pages and blogs and see how big their images are. Go to Google images, search anything and then go to “search tools” tab, “size” and choose “large”, see how large (in pixels, width x height) large pictures are and adjust the images you upload on your blog. There is no actual need images online to be bigger than that. Max 1500-2500 pixels, I’d say and usually 1000-1500 (or even less) is sufficient and still Google considers it “large”.

    That’s just what I suggest. I have tons of pictures uploaded on my blog and I’m using less than 10% of the free space.

    I hope this was helpful.

    • Thank you so much for all of the information, I’ll definitely look into making my pictures smaller. Very helpful, thank u! 🙂 ❤

  2. What I used to do when I had this problem is upload my photos to photobucket and then put them into the post with links. They’ve got much more space (for free). And like Letstalkcosmetics said, it helps a lot to downsize the photos 🙂

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