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Little Update…

Hey Crazies!

So, ya’ll might’ve noticed I haven’t posted since September 30th…well, this month has been absolutely CRAZY. My family and I are moving houses for the 2nd time in 10 months, so it’s been very stressful. Also, we are going out of town right after we move so we have to pre-pack and, we’re going to move everything in TWO DAYS…this weekend. So my life is just crazy right now. I’ve packed all of my camera stuff, and my memory cards, so I can’t promise any posts for the rest of October. But I promise to be back in November. Everyone’s life gets a little crazy some point in the year, and my crazy time is now, so bare with me, sit tight, and I’ll be back to posting normally before you know it.

Love you all, and thank you for understanding!!!

‚̧ ūüėÄ