So. Once again I have abandoned my blog. I apologize to my followers, I’ve been gone for a couple months now! Life as a 15 and-a-half year old hasn’t been super easy, and has been super busy. So please forgive my being MIA! My camera is having some problems, and so I’ve just been taking what I call ‘makeup selfies.’ (I know, such a teenagery thing to say) but I can really record much more makeup looks using my phone. It’s easier for me right now at this certain moment in life. So. Since phones are limited in taking eye pictures, there won’t be any close up eye pics. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of ‘Instagram makeup,’ which means I’ve been using mostly neutrals, lots of highlighter, and big lips and lashes. Kinda the niche I’m in right now. Anyways, if you are still interested in seeing my makeup creations, please comment! I want to know if this new face only picture idea is one that ya’ll would like to see. If not, we’ll see what happens. COMMENT!

Love all of my loyalists ūüėā jk, but seriously, thanks for still following me. Love ya’ll!


Instagram: @avamancuso


One thought on “Hello…

  1. So nice to have you back! I’ve been looking forward to your posts. I definitely understand how hard life is as a 15 and a half year old. It’s so stressful and we never actually have time for anything, lol. I can’t wait for your posts.

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