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LOTD: Fall 2016 Simple Makeup 

Hey Crazies!

Today’s look is super simple and effortless, but still looks like you put a lot of work into it (even tho you didn’t) 😉 natural eyes, dark lips, flawless skin and blinding highlight, let’s get started:

And featuring one little artsy shot I got haha 😂

Hope you like it!


Ava ♥

End Of Summer Smoke 

Hey Crazies! 

Apologies for not posting pretty much all summer! But hey when you’re in high school, Summer is something you really take advantage of, so I didn’t have a ton of time to blog. But I hope ya’ll had a great Summer with lots of fun and friends and travel 🙂 Today’s look is just a warm one signifying the end of Summer 2016, the best one yet! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this one! 

Thanks for all the support! 

Hope you had a great Summer 🙂 



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