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Review: Sephora Limited Edition Palette

Hi loves! This is my last day of blogging until April! 😦 I have a review of one of my favorite palettes, the Sephora Limited Edition Palette! Here are some pics when I first got it:


Here is the palette now:



It folds up into this block, and it has a lock on the top.


Here are swatches of the eye shadows in the neutral color section. (the first 2 rows).



The rest of the neutrals:



All of the other shadows:


There are 12 cream eyeliners in the palette:


And there are 5 top-coat eye shadows, and 3 eye and cheek luminizers:


The other side is lip colors and glosses, and 5 3-in-ones, as well as 3 blushes: (3-in-ones are products you can use on the cheek, the eyes, and the lips).



The eye shadows are AMAZING! As you can see in the swatches, they are smooth and pigmented, (I did not treat the photos), and are great n all 3 textures. I use them ALL the time! Everything about them are awesome, so there’s not much more to say! 😀

The lip colors are also some of my top faves. All of the Sephora products have unique colors, and textures, so the lip colors are so fun to play around with. The are amazingly smooth, very pigmented, and I know I ill use them all up quickly! 😀

The blushes are very nice, although, I think they could have switched out one of the pinks for a peach, or a coral, or even a bronzer. All 3 of them are pigmented, smooth, easy to blend, the only annoying thing is that they are all in the pink family. One of them is more rose, but still. 🙂

Eye products: 5/5

Lip products: 5/5

Cheek products: 4/5

So this palette is definitely one that I will keep using and using. I got this palette last year, and still use it frequently. I went to the online Sephora store, and unfortunately, I couldn’t find this palette, so I guess it was limited edition after all! 🙂

I hope you liked this, I will post a look soon! 

❤ Lucy


Hey Crazies!

Today’s post is SUPER exciting! I just turned 15 on the 10th of July!!! And for my birthday, I went to BeautyCon LA yesterday. It was THE. BEST. DAY. EVER!!!!

MAKE SURE TO WATCH THE VLOG I MADE WHILE I WAS THERE: CLICK HERE!!!! (I was there with my friend Collins Key (a magician who was on America’s Got Talent) so I got to go backstage and meet Bethany Mota, Zendaya, Kandee Johnson, and SO much more, so make sure to check out the link up there, because this video is completely exclusive!!!

So here is what I got for my birthday:



So to start this Birthday Haul off, I got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette, which I’ve been dying to get ever since it came out!





I expected this palette to be pretty good, and it is AWESOME. What I really love is the color range, their such uniquie shades. They’re pigmented, smooth, and wear really nicely on the lids. I’m also in love with the colorful packaging of the palette! (Look coming soon)!

Price: $30


Since I’m a member of Sephora, I get a free gift from them for my Birthday. And I got these two NARS Lip Pencils.


This shade is called Rikugien and it’s a satin finish.


The other one is called Cruella, and it’s a matte finish.

Coming from a trust-worthy brand like NARS, these pencils are awesome. They go on smooth, last long, and these two colors can be worn with literally any skin tone.


Next I got an Anastasia Lip Gloss and one of they’re famous Liquid Lipsticks.


I give the packaging an A+, and if you’re looking into getting one of the lip glosses, they smell like Vanilla Cupcakes, which I LOVE but some people might not, so just a warning. 🙂


This is the lip gloss, and the shade is called Dainty. I was really impressed with this. It’s super long wearing, but isn’t sticky at all. And you don’t even need to wear a liner or lipstick under it. I’ve REALLY been loving the pale pinky-nude shades for the Summer, because they make you look really tan. I highly recommend picking this baby up.


This is the liquid lipstick, and the shade is called Carina. This is a bright, perfect-for-Summer, matte pink. And I LOVE this stuff. What makes this special, is that liquid lipsticks are usually quite thick and heavy, but this one is surprisingly lightweight, and you only need one layer and you’re good to go.


Next, my parents got me this GORGEOUS watch by Bulova. I wore it to BeautyCon, and got a ton of compliments. It’s really simply a beautiful piece of jewelry.




I also got this Viva La Juicy Perfume, and I LOVE the scent. It’s girly, yet sophisticated, and I love the roller-ball, it’s super quick and easy.


I got 3 samples of a Chanel Mascara.





This is only ONE COAT!!! I love this stuff. It’s super black, and really adds a lot of volume to the lashes.


This is the Diorshow Professional Mascara, and I got it in the shade #168, which is a fun purple color.




The last thing I received was the Too Faced The Return Of Sexy Eyeshadow Palette.

The packaging is GORGEOUS and high-quality:



All the shades in the palette are either shimmery, pearl, satin, or metallic.


It also comes with these little idea dudes, and a Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer:



It also comes with a black water-proof eyeliner in the shade Perfect Black. (It’s an awesome eyeliner). 😉



Naive, Ingenue, Innocent, New In Town, Casting Couch, Pink Diamond, Icon, Divorcee, Hopeless Romantic, Primadonna, 7 Year Itch, Bombshell, Hollywood, Maneater, Beautymark.

I CANNOT say how much I love this palette in words. If you love shimmer, sparkle, and good-quality, I HIGHLY recommend this. The eyeshadows are ALL smooth, ALL pigmented, and  I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with this palette!!!!

Well that’s all for my 15th Birthday haul!!!!!! Hope you guys enjoyed!

Again, make sure to check out the my BeautyCon LA Vlog HERE!!!

Have an amazing, beautiful day! ❤ 😀



LOTD: Snake Bite

Hey Crazies!

Today’s look is super dark and dramatic, with a black and brown smokey, winged out eye, and a deep red lip. I used my new Wet n’ Wild Lipstick in Cherry Bomb. (See review here)

So, onto the look!











Products Used:


  • Elf Eyebrow Kit in Dark
  • MAC Soft Ocre Paint Pot
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Virgin
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Naked
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Buck
  • Elf Cream Eyeliner in Black
  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Corrupt
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin
  • Essence False Lash Reloaded Mascara in black


  • Elf Oil Free Spf 15 Foundation in Sand
  • Elf Concealer in Light
  • Elf HD Undereye Setting Powder in Clear
  • Maybelline Fit Me! Powder in Natural Beige
  • Sephora Medium Shopping Bag Bronzer (medium shade)
  • Sephora Medium Shopping Bag Blush (matte cranberry shade)
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Virgin


  • L’Oreal Infallible Lip Liner in Red/Wine
  • Wet n’ Wild Lipstick in Cherry Bomb

Well that’s it!

Hope you all enjoyed today’s look!

Have an amazing, beautiful day!


Ava ❤ 😀

Urban Decay Haul!!!!! (Palettes)!

Hi lovelies! 😀

I have a super exciting haul and quick review to show you! 😀

I FINALLY bought the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, and the Urban Decay Electric Palette. I’m SO excited!

So lets jump right in:

Some Blog Looks, video, and EXCITING HAUL!! 068

Some Blog Looks, video, and EXCITING HAUL!! 069

(I signed up for a Sephora Membership while I was there, and with that, they gave me a sample of Benefit They’re Real Mascara! Don’t you just love Sephora)?

Some Blog Looks, video, and EXCITING HAUL!! 070

The UD Naked 3 Palette. And it comes with 4 sample pods of all the different Primer Potions. Each pod will last you a week’s worth of primer!

Some Blog Looks, video, and EXCITING HAUL!! 071

Some Blog Looks, video, and EXCITING HAUL!! 072

These eye shadows are absolutely beautiful. And the brush that comes with the palette is amazing!!! I don’t think the brushes get all of the attention they deserve. UD makes my favorite brushes.

Swatches in daylight:

Some Blog Looks, video, and EXCITING HAUL!! 075

Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, and Blackheart.

Swatches with flash:

Some Blog Looks, video, and EXCITING HAUL!! 076

And now for the Urban Decay Electric palette!!!!!!

Some Blog Looks, video, and EXCITING HAUL!! 073

Some Blog Looks, video, and EXCITING HAUL!! 074

Swatches in daylight:

Some Blog Looks, video, and EXCITING HAUL!! 077

Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe, Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak, and Thrash.

Swatches with flash:

Some Blog Looks, video, and EXCITING HAUL!! 078

Overall thoughts:

Naked 3:

Packaging: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Price: 4/5 (the palette is $54)

Brush: 5/5

Electric Palette:

Packaging 100/5 😉 (I’m quite in love with the packaging)!

Quality: 5/5

Price: 4.5/5 (this palette was $49).

Brush: 5/5

You can’t get much better than Urban Decay!

And another thing I LOVE about Urban Decay? Their eye shadow names! They are so much fun to read!

Thank you all for reading this quick post!

Any requests using these palettes???? (please please put them below)!!

Have a beautiful day!

Lucy ❤ 😀

Disclaimer: I bought these palettes with my own money. This post was in no way sponsored.

LOTD: All Day, and All Night

Hi Crazies! 😀

Today’s makeup look is something dramatic, smokey, and trendy. I was inspired by the recent full moon, with the velvety blue sky. I used The Color Workshop for the look. I also made a tutorial, and let me know in the comments below if you want me to keep doing tutorials, and if they’re helpful! 😀




With a skin-tone foundation, and a sticky white base, (Sephora IRF in Light, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk) prime the eyes.


Next, apply a medium brown eye shadow to the crease. (The Color Workshop Eye Shadow in Immortal). This will help with blending later on in the look. 


With a skin-tone eye shadow, highlight the brow bone. (The Color Workshop Eye Shadow in Show Me).


Now for the star color: the sparkling navy. Apply this color to the lid. (TCW Eye Shadow in Ice Queen).


With NYX Milk, prime the lower lid.


Smudge the same eye shadow onto the lower line.


With a gra eye shadow, smoke up the lower lid a bit more. (TCW Eyeshadow in Iceland).


With The Color Workshop Eyeshadow in Water Lily, I filled in my brows.


Then line the eyes with a liquid liner, apply mascara , and your done with the eye makeup!


On the face, I just did blush, and I used TCW Blush Duo in Baby Kiss. And for the lips I used TCW Lip loss in Emily, and blotted the shine a bit. 

All done!





To see my review on the palette I used for this look, and many other looks, CLICK HERE!

I really hope you enjoyed the look! 😀

Have an amazing day! 

xoxo Lucy

Next makeup look coming: a work look that isn’t boring, but still really wearable! 

I Won A Bellashoot Giveaway!

Hi Crazies! 😀

I hope you all had a great Father’s Day Weekend! 😀 Tell me about it below!

Recently, I won an Elf giveaway from the beauty social media site, Bellashoot!

Bellashoot is like Makeup Bee, but much more fun in my opinion! They have giveaways aaall the time, and their site layout is much more modern and fun. So definitely hit that link! 😀

So, let’s get started!

First of all, they painted the box solid gold! Cool or what?


Here is what I found under the packing paper:


Here are all of the products that were in the box:


So, firstly, in the package was 2 Moisturizing Lipsticks:



The colors are Flirty&Fabulous, and Coral Cutie. These are amazing! They are super smooth, and very pigmented. And they are the absolute perfect colors for Summer! Which color is your fave?


Next, we have the Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzer Cream. I also own the powder version of this guy, so I’m soooo happy I have the cream on now too!



I didn’t think that these could be any better than the powder version that I love so much…..boy, was I wrong! These are soooo awesome! Suuuuper duper smooth, pigmented, they’re just amazing! The color is St Lucia.


Going in a random order here, now we have the Elf Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow in Rockin Out. Here are some swatches:


The first swatch is the eye shadow without an eye primer: veeery smooth, and a little smokey, so you could just swipe it on your lid for a soft sheer color, and look great! The second swatch is the eye  shadow with an eye primer: this eye shadow is so smooth, is ridiculous! It’s also very pigmented, and is the perfect purple shade for Summer! 😀


Then I got 2 of the Elf (loose) Mineral Eyeshadows.


The green is Earthy, and the blue is Dreamy. From left to right: Earthy without primer, Earthy with primer, Earthy used damp, Dreamy without primer, Dreamy with primer, and Dreamy used damp. This picture DOES NOT give these eye shadows justice, really! These 2 eye shadows are also amazingly smooth, and pigmented. You can create a couple different effects with each one. Use it dry without primer for a sheer wash of color and touch of sparkle, or use  it with a primer for the full effect. The 2 colors are also just PERFECT fr Summer, and I can’t wait to do a look with them!


Elf Baked Bronzer in Bora Bora.


The thing with baked products is that they are most usually very powdery and sheer. I once bought a baked eye shadow palette from Sephora, and returned it because I couldn’t get the eye shadows to work for me. Now, I know in my reviews, I always say that all of the products are GREAT. Well, I’m telling the truth I assure you! 😀 I guess I’m just lucky that I buy the right things 😛 😉 Anyway, this Bronzer is absolutely gorgeous. I mean, it’s pigmented, super smooth, and just the most amazing color! It probably the favorite of the giveaway haul!


Next is the 3-piece eyeliner set. It has 2 liquid eyeliners: Black and Coffee, and one Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in the black shade.



Every time you see me use a liquid liner in one of my looks, I was using the Elf Black one. I have gone through like 5, and my last one was emptying, so I’m so happy to get a new black one! The brown one is the same great quality, but brown of course. I already own 3 of the Elf Shimmer Eyeliner pencils, but funnily enough, I don’t have the black one! In the swatch, it was pigmented, smooth, creamy, and it has that fun and awesome shimmer/sparkle effect! I love these guys so much! AND the pencil comes with a great sharpener! 😀


Next, we have the Elf Cream Eyeliner in Teal Tease. I own 3 others: Black, Coffee and Midnight, and those are the best eyeliners in the world!


In my opinion, the Elf Cream eyeliner in Black is 100 million times better than MAC Blacktrack. It really is! And for $3?!? You have to get some Elf Cream Eyeliners if you don’t have any! 😀 This teal color is just perfect for Summer! I’m thinking for a fun pop on the lower lash line! So ya, another huge hit for me!


This was the products that I was most excited about getting! The Elf Eyebrow Kit in Dark.

This product is just awesome! It has a gel and a matte powder, and a double-ended applicator with a mirror inside. And can I just say that the packaging is TOP of the line?

Here, I tried the matte brow powder. This gives a beautiful, softer, natural look by itself. Definitely my new go-to for an every day look!


On my other eyebrow, I tried the gel by itself. This creates a darker, sharper look..maybe to pair with a more dramatic eye makeup look:


Then I tried both the gel and powder together. This creates the ultimate clean, perfect looking brow!


So, ya the brow kit is my new staple!

So those are all of the makeup products from the BELLASHOOT Giveaway!

Any requests for look with these products?

Do you own any of these products?

Make sure to click on one of the links to check out Bellashoot! Trust me, it’s really fun! 😀

I hope you guys enjoyed this, and I will see you later!

❤ Lucy


LOTD: Colorful Fresh Summer

Hi crazies! 😀

Before I get started, I’d like to know if any of you know of a review for the Inglot Color Play Lip liners? If you do, pleeeeaaase let me know below!

So, today’s look is a colorful look for everyday wear. (I used all Sephora products for this look).


I really hope you guys enjoyed this one!

Have an beautiful day! ❤

Lucy xoxo

LOTD: Rainbow

Hey loves! So, this look is crazy, colorful, and fun. Sure, you could wear it for Prom, but I feel like this look doesn;t quite belong in my Prom Makeup Series. 🙂

I used my Sephora Limited Edition Palette. for most of the eye shadow.




I really hope you all enjoyed this crazy colorful look! 😀

Have an amazing day! ❤