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Fun Pics, and Makeup w/ BFF!

Hey lovelies! 😀 So, a few days ago, my best friend Jerica came over, and we took funny pics, and I did both of our makeup. 


Here’s the look I did on me, and here is the one I did on Jer:


And theeen, we went crazy with pictures:






sooo yeeeaaahhh

Hope you enjoyed! I’ll see ya later! 😀

❤ Lucy

BFF Tag Makeup Looks!

Hey hey hey! 😀 So today I have a fun post for you all. My BFF Julia, came over, and she loves makeup as well, so we always play with it when we get together. Today, though, I thought of posting it here, and she was all for it! Yay! Here are some pics of the makeup looks we played around with:



❤ ^_^

I really hope you guys all liked this! Isn’t her look awesome? My look here reminds me of my Dark and Fruity look a little bit. See you soon!<Lucy 😀

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