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Recreation: Luxurious (using Elf)

Hello again loves! always, after posting something here, I go and watch some YouTube videos, and get inspired to go do a look, and that’s what happened! 😀 I was watching Emily H’s video, and was really loving her look, so I decided to go and recreate it. I follow Emily on Makeup Bee, and I’m always so inspired by her creations! She rocks the blending like no other, and has fantastic color combo ideas! Go on and check her Makeup Bee account out, which will link to her You Tube channel. 😀

Here is Emily’s look:



And here is my recreation:



It’s not exactly the same, but…I really liked how it turned out! 😀 (I’m still trying to get the hang of cut creases, and a great place to learn is Emily’s You Tube channel! 😉









  • I used the matte orange eye shadow from the 100 color palette, and clear lip gloss over.

I really hope you liked the recreation! Remember to check out all of the links to Emily’s amazing work, and also the links to Elf’s amazing and inexpensive products! 😀

Over and out! xoxo Lucy 😀

LOTD: Easy Holiday Makeup! (Clinique)

Hello again beauties! This look is a gorgeous, plum and champagne eye look with rosy lips, and gilded pink lips, that is very easy and quick to accomplish! 😀


For the whole look, I used the Clinique Color To Go Palette, one of my faves! If you’d like to see a review of the palette, I’d be happy to do one, just comment below! 😀 Anyway, I hope you liked the look, and I’ll see you soon! Much love, Lucy 😀