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LOTD: Funky Double-Colored Eyes!

Hey lovelies! Today I have kind of a weird look. 😀 I did the same technique, but different colors on both eyes!


The left eye is all silver and gray.


The right eye is yellow and gold.



What I used:


~Neutrogena Break-Out-Free SPF 30 Sun Lotion

~Mary Kay Instant Action Eye Cream

~Mary Kay Triple Action Lip Enhancer

~Collin Lip Plumper

~Sephora Matte Gray Eyeshadow (I actually use this as blush)! 😀


~MAC Paint Pot in Painterly (eye base/primer)

~Elf Eyeshadow in Butter (all over/under left eye)

~Elf Eyeshadow in Bisque (all over/under right eye)

~Shany Silvery Gray eyeshadow (left eye define)

~Same Sephora Matte gray Eyeshadow (blend out Shany gray)

~Elf Eyeshadow in Pot Of Gold (right eye define)

~MAC Eyeshadow in Lemon (blend out)

(Put the darker colors of both eyes, on the outer half of lower lash lines).

~Elf Lengthening and Defining Mascara in Black


~Aeropostale stick of six lipglosses-the yellow one

That’s it! I’m not really sure where someone would wear this, maybe a party or something. This look is just something funky and weird for where-ever you want to wear it! 😀 Catch you later!<Lucy 😀 ❤