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LOTD: Summer Evening Glow

Hi crazies! 😀

How was your weekend? I hope it was awesome! 😀 My weekend was pretty busy! My family is moving very soon, so I’ve been packing everything I won’t be needing for the nest month. I’ll be taking pics of before and afters of the rooms, before with furnishing, and after, empty! 😀 Hopefully, (that is, if I get permission), I’ll put a post up here. 😀

More big news! In 10 days, I am turning 14!!!!!! I have 2 very important things on my birthday list, and they are a cell phone and a youtube channel. I’m already getting a phone, and I asked for a youtube channel. My mom didn’t say no, but she didn’t say yes, so we’ll see! 😀 This means, I’ll be putting up pics from my birthday party, and what I got from my friends/family! So keep a look-out for a few b-day posts!

Now, onto the makeup! XD

Today’s look is a very glow-y, summery evening makeup look. I took the pictures in very warm, glowing lighting so as to reach the effect I was trying to give the makeup. Hope you enjoy!




Then I took the pics in cool-toned lighting:


Which lighting do you like better? 😀

Thanks for reading!

Love you all so much, and make sure to keep updated on my upcoming posts! 😀

xoxo Lucy

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LOTD: Easy Evening Look

Hi lovelies! Today’s look is this super easy evening like look, that I really didn’t have a name for, but really like how it turned out. 😀


I’ve been making my makeup looks for my blogs later on in the day than usual, so the lighting is not as good i my eyes…but I hope you still liked the look!


Primer: Elf Primer in Sheer

Eye Liner: Sephora Dark Reddish Brown Cream Eyeliner

Mascara: Almay Intense i-color Mascara in Black Emerald

Cheeks: Elf Matte Blush in Pink Passion

Lips: just some chap stick; my face, hands, and lips get SUPER dry at this time of year 😛 😦

to see the transformation from this natural look to a Halloween look, go to makeupcrazy1.blogspot.com! 😀

I hope you liked!<Lucy 😀

LOTD: Summer Evening

Hello everyone! Today, I have a pretty, natural evening look that will be wearable on all eye colors. I used gray, white, a little bit of bronze, and a bright pink lip. I loove the combo of pink lips and gray based eyes! 😀 In the full face pics, you can see I’m VERY sun burnt! 😛 I didn’t make a tutorial, but I mostly used the Sephora Limited Edition Makeup Kit, and the big Shany kit. (And for the bronze, I used NYX Eyeshadow Trio in Guru, the darkest color). 😀 The look:



I was pretty happy with my blending results! 🙂




I hope you like this one! See you Monday! 😀

Monday’s Preview: Dark and Fruity 😀

Evening Bronze and Brown with Shany Cosmetics!

This brown evening look is using all Shany eye shadows, and a Shany blush. I have a big limited edition kit of their’s, and even if I got it months ago, I will post a review on it soon! The look:



I created the look by using a MAC Face Chart. (This was the first time I used one of these, and as you can see I applied a bit too much blush)! ;D





If you close up on the Face Chart, you can see the products I used. I don’t have a tutorial for this one, but if you want one, let me know. (It is pretty easy to create) 😀 As I said above, I will post a review on my Shany Kit soon! 😀 <Lucy ❤