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Summer Trend Alert: Smokey Eyes and Gold Pop

Hi again loves!

Today’s makeup is this fun purple smokey eye, with a pop of gold shimmer. This is a huge trend, and I LOVE it! 😀 I decided on a purple smokey eye, but you can choose whatever color smokey eye you want. You can even add this gold pop to your everyday eyes. It’s something fun and trendy that you can wear with everything! That’s the great thing about gold it goes with everything and looks awesome one everyone. I hope you enjoy my interpretation for this Summer Trend!


Products used:


  • Paul Mitchell Hair and Body Spray-on Moisturizer
  • MAC Select Tint SPF 15 Foundation
  • Elf Under Eye Concealer in Fair
  • Bobbi Brown Loose Powder in Beach
  • Clinique Powder Bronzer in Medium
  • NARS Blush in Mata Hari (lightly applied)


  • Sephora Foundation in Light (used as eye primer)
  • Sephora Medium Shopping Bag Makeup Palette (mixed the 2 medium matte purple shades)
  • MAC Pigment in Deep Purple (I think) 😛
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigment in Wild Gold
  • Sephora Cream Eyeliner in Black
  • NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara in Blackest Black


  • Maybelline Lip Liner in Nude
  • Covergirl Queen Collection Lip Color in Into The Red

That’s it! Hope you liked this one!

xoxo Lucy 😀

LOTD: And We’re Gonna Let It Burn

Hello loves! I’m trying to fit in as much as I can before I’m gone all March. 😀 Today’s look is something out of the box, fun, and very bright! Hope you enjoy:





finished eyes:



I tried the look with funky purple lips…


And I tried the look with nude lips…




Hope you liked this fun one! 😀

Much love and hugs, ❤ Lucy

LOTD: Dark and Fruity ;D

This dark and colorful look is perfect for a summer night out, or a weekend. 😀 I love doing summer looks with a twist! I didn’t make a pictorial, but all I used for the eye shadows and lips was the Sephora Limited Edition Makeup Kit. (For the cheeks I used Elf Blush in Pink Passion). I used the first 3 eyeshadows from the kit: a sparkly lapis blue, a deep berry magenta, and a flame-brick red. For the lips, I used a rose, but it looks like a Barbie pink in the pics! 😀 Here it is:


I hope you liked this fun summery look! If any of you try out any of my looks, let me know! I’d love to see them! ❤ Lucy

Tomorrow’s Preview: Wearable Green

Vacation Blue Eyes! :D

These fun and colorful summer eyes are perfect for the summer vacation paradise. Wear this on vacation! 😀 Summer vacation looks are all about tropical, fresh, fun, and fruity colors! If you are uncomfortable wearing blues and greens, try switching the colors to pink and purple, yellow and orange. To me, summer vacations are a great place to wear looks you wouldn’t usually wear. So have fun with this colorful summery look!



The products I used. When I don’t make a tutorial, I will put up a picture of all of the things I used instead! 🙂



Sorry this picture turned out a little blurry! 😛


I loove pairing blue eyes with a bright pink lip! 😀 It makes a good contrast with the warm and cool tones.

Have fun with this look! I loved making it! 😀 <Lucy ❤

The next look coming: Smokey Brown 😀

Is Makeup Fun…An Experiment from Karri Bowen

I would like to share here about a challenge from Karri Bowen.com. Remember when you used to watch your mom put on her makeup everyday, fascinated by all of the pots and palettes full of color and textures? I remember sneaking into my moms vanity to paint my nails, and look at all of her makeup. (She even got me and my siblings, including my brother, when we were little, painting our nails, and whispering on camera! Little did we know that our mom was right there, with the video camera.) ^-^ Today, everything is much different with your beauty. You use makeup everyday, as a must, and part of your routine. Even though I’m don’t even wear makeup outside the house most of the time, I still understand that women are busy, too busy with their lives and jobs, and families to make time to play with makeup, especially with someone. Well, just think about how you used to sneak into mom’s drawers, and stick your fingers in the pots, and then rubbing whatever it was on your face. Think about the happiness coming from just putting tons of color on your face. 😉 This challenge is for you to go grab your daughters, if you have them, and take out all of your makeup, letting them touch everything, and just to experiment, and just to be a little girl. And of course, this challenge is for you too! Play with that crazy blue eyeshadow  that was sitting at the bottom of your drawer, untouched. Put on the neon pink lipstick you never dreamed of wearing in public. 😉 Just be a little girl again, and have fun with all of the makeup you haven’t worn in ages! If you don’t have daughters, this challenge can still be done! Take your best friend, or just be by yourself, and explore all of the makeup that you forgot was there!

Enjoy this challenge, and just HAVE FUN WITH YOUR MAKEUP!