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Ultimate Summer Fun Makeup Look!

Hi Crazies! ūüėÄ

If you read my last post, you know that I won a Bellashoot giveaway. I won a bunch of awesome Elf products, perfect for Summer! 

Today’s makeup is an ultimate Summer look with a copper and blue pop eye, bronzed skin, and bright pink lips. I LOVE this look, it just YELLS¬†Summer!¬†I really hope you like the look too:




First, prime the eyes. I used Elf primer in Natural.


And also do your brows. I used the Elf Eyebrow Kit in Dark. I used both gel and powder.



These are the eye shadows I used for the upper eye area. They are all from the Elf 100 Color Palette.

First, take the matte warm brown in the bottom left corner, and apply it in the crease.


With the top left eye shadow, apply it to the brow bone to soften the brown.

With that gorgeous copper shade in the bottom right corner, apply it to the lid.


Then, to add a bit more depth, take the matte brown in the top right corner, and apply a bit on the outer lid.


The line your eye with the Elf liquid liner in Coffee:


For the lower lashline pop, apply Elf Cream Eyeliner in Teal Tease to the lower waterline, and lower lashline:



To set the color, apply Makeup Geek Poolside on top:



To highlight the inner corner, I used Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma:



Finish off with mascara:


Face and lip products used:


Complete look:




I got a few requests for a Summer look, so if this full-filled your wants, lemme know! ^-^

Hope you enjoyed the makeup!

‚̧ Lucy ūüėÄ

One Less Problem Without You

Hi Crazies!

Today’s makeup look is something real dramatic and funky. I love to take makeup and fashion inspiration from songs I listen to. I listen to a radio station that plays all of ‘today’s hits’ and I was sitting at my makeup desk, listening to music, waiting for a spark of inspiration for my look, when on came one of my FAVORITE songs: Problem by Ariana Grande. I like the song, because it has a really different unique sound to it. It’s funky, and a little sexy. So that’s what I came up with: a funky, smokey, and dramatic look for you. I really liked how this one came out, I thought it interpreted the song really well.

I hope you enjoy the look!









Ask for products ūüėČ

I hope you liked this dramatic look!

I’ll see you later!

‚̧ Lucy


Fun Pics, and Makeup w/ BFF!

Hey lovelies! ūüėÄ So, a few days ago, my best friend Jerica came over, and we took funny pics, and I did both of our makeup.¬†


Here’s the look I did on me, and here is the one I did on Jer:


And theeen, we went crazy with pictures:






sooo yeeeaaahhh

Hope you enjoyed! I’ll see ya later! ūüėÄ

‚̧ Lucy

The Pirates of Penzance

Hi loves! So, over March, I was in an operetta called ‘The Pirates Of Penzance,’ by Gilbert and Sullivan. I played the role of Kate, and it was really super fun! Here are some pics of the makeup I did for it, and pictures from the shows.



There were 14 shows, so I got to play around with different looks.




3 of our shows, we had different costumes, and it was called Steam Punk night. I got to play around with different makeup.


I tried to get a picture up of my other costume, (the best one) but I couldn’t, so oh well. I hope you enjoyed the pics!

By the way, I will be posting MAAANY makeup looks today, so I can catch up to what makeup looks I’ve been doing more recently, so be prepared for a blast of makeup posts!

‚̧ Lucy ūüėÄ


BFF Tag Makeup Looks!

Hey hey hey! ūüėÄ So today I have a fun post for you all. My BFF Julia, came over, and she loves makeup as well, so we always play with it when we get together. Today, though, I thought of posting it here, and she was all for it! Yay! Here are some pics of the makeup looks we played around with:



‚̧ ^_^

I really hope you guys all liked this! Isn’t her look awesome? My look here reminds me of my Dark and Fruity look a little bit. See you soon!<Lucy ūüėÄ

Next Post: ???

SURPRISE POST: All Things Mac!!!

Hey hey hey! So, today I have a fun post for you all. ūüėÄ One of my mom’s friends is a makeup person like me, and she calls her makeup collection “All Things Mac’ because most of her makeup (if not all of it) is by Mac, and I have a few swatches, an pictures of her products that I wanted to share! ( be warned, this post is SUPER DUPER long)!

 The set up.

¬†Some of Teri’s mascaras.




 Lipsticks, Lip glosses, and Paints.

 Eye shadows.

¬†I think more eyeshadows… ūüėČ

 More eye products.

 More eyeshadows.

¬†And some more….


 This is the Diana Eyes 1 Quad.

Blush in Well Dressed.

¬†Eyeshadow Suite in Sweet Liaison. (I think that’s the name)…

 Mineralize Ski Finish in Soft and Gentle.

 A Venomous Villains Product.



 A few Creme Color Bases.

¬†Random products…

 Lip and eye liners.

 Jewel Marine Pigment.
A few Eyeshadows:






 Amber Lights, Antiqued, Bamboo, Botanical.





 Rite Of Spring.

 Satin Taupe.




 Soft Brown.

 Sunday Best.












 Deep Truth.

 Big T.


 Electric Eel.


 Ingenue Blue.







 Crest The Wave, Wait Till Dark, Turquatic.

 Goldmine, Golden Rod, Dreammaker.

 Off The Page, Love Bud, Gorgeous Gold.

 Paradisco, Rule, Orange.

 Spring Up, Samoa Silk.

 Fineshine, Crystal Avalanche, Beauty Marked.

 Mont Black, Idol Eyes, Gesso.

 Vellum, Solar White, Silverring, Nighttrain.

 (Danger Zone)

¬†There’s LOTS more, but I didn’t have the time to get to it. But I will when Teri comes back with her Mac collection September 20th, so I will post something like this around that time. I hope you liked this! Over and out!<Lucy ūüėĬ†

Next Post: LOTD: Modern Everyday Look!

Birthday Haul! :D

Yesterday was my 13th birthday! ūüėÄ I got some great beauty products, and cannot wait to share! I will be getting more things in weeks to come, so there will be another birthday haul, so stay tuned for that! Here are all of the things I got last night:



My brother got me this pack of Extra gum, which, by ¬†the way, I’m kind of addicted to! ūüėÄ




He also got me these 2 beautiful NYC Nail Polishes! One is a duo-chrome like purple, an the other is silver sparkles with blue and pink larger sparkles in them. (If you want to see some of my nail polish ideas, go to makeupcrazy1.blogspot.com).



The rest of it is all what my parents got me: This is a Collin Lip Plumper, that actually works well, and stays on for a few hours, even though it is as light weight as normal clear lip gloss! ūüėÄ



Here it is swatched.



This is the La Bella Donna Mascara in Dark Earth.



Here is the mascara on my top lashes only. The mascara doesn’t clump, is a gorgeous brown shade, and I also noticed the formula is super smooth and long wearing!




This was reflecting me, so I just got in the camera shot. ūüėÄ This is the La Bella Donna cream ¬†highlighter. It has a gorgeous rosy color, so that you can use it for a glowing blush, or a beautiful highlighter!



It shows up on the pic as more of a light peach, but its more of a glowing light rose color. (There is only a touch of rose in it, making it more wearable for a highlighter, but I think I might be able to use it  as a blush).



Again, the pics are not showing the color at all! ūüėÄ



Then I got this AMAZING natural hair, angled brow brush! I cannot wait to use this! (All of the brushes are by La Bella Donna).



The brow/lash duos I have aren’t anywhere near as good as this one! This goes evenly through my eyelashes, and the brush is nice and steady.



I’ve always needed a brush like this! I’m going to use this brush to apply cheek highlighter and maybe cream blush. This brush is unbelievably soft, and so pretty that I don’t want to use it! ^-^¬†


The last brush/thing I got was a concealer brush, but I want to use it to apply eye shadow bases and glitter maybe. Again, ITS SO PRETTY I DON’T WANT TO USE IT! ūüėÄ ^-^

You will definently see these things in the looks to come, and the nail polishes on my other blog, just click on the link! ūüėÄ ‚̧ Lucy