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LOTD: When I Met You In The Summer

Hi Crazies! 😀

I really hope you are all having a great week so far! 

Today’s makeup is using warm tones, a bit of muted pink, and winged liner. The look is *fairly* soft, but it makes a statement. The look is perfect for Summer as well! Also, before you scroll down to see the pics, make note, that I was obsessed with all of the different lighting’s around me, so I took a LOT of pics, hope you don’t think I’m biased or anything! 😛 





a few people have told me I kinda sorta look like Scarlett Johansson, and I thought I kinda looked like her here a bit. 😛




Ya, lots of pics, I know! But I was really obsessed with all of the different lighting’s! 😀

I used The Color Workshop for the eyes.

I really hope you liked today’s makeup look!

If you have any makeup look requests, put them below!

Love and hugs,

xoxo Lucy

LOTD: Colorful Fresh Summer

Hi crazies! 😀

Before I get started, I’d like to know if any of you know of a review for the Inglot Color Play Lip liners? If you do, pleeeeaaase let me know below!

So, today’s look is a colorful look for everyday wear. (I used all Sephora products for this look).


I really hope you guys enjoyed this one!

Have an beautiful day! ❤

Lucy xoxo

LOTD: Rainbow

Hey loves! So, this look is crazy, colorful, and fun. Sure, you could wear it for Prom, but I feel like this look doesn;t quite belong in my Prom Makeup Series. 🙂

I used my Sephora Limited Edition Palette. for most of the eye shadow.




I really hope you all enjoyed this crazy colorful look! 😀

Have an amazing day! ❤


LOTD: Candied Spring

Hello my loves! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and Valentine’s Day! Tell my what you did for V Day in the comments below! 😉 I’m excited about the coming of spring. Time to try colorful and soft makeup looks! Here is a ‘candy’ look, that is colorful, yet soft.






Products used:




I really hoped you liked this!!

Have a wonderful day! 😀

❤ Lucy

LOTD: Pumpkin Spice

Hello my lovelies! 😀 Today’s look is a warm, slightly smokey pumpkin colored blend. I really love how natural and beautiful these colors look on every skin tone. 😀



I hope you enjoyed! Sorry, no tutorial. I’ve been trying to do looks quickly lately, because I barely have any time, so tutorials can be hard to squeeze in there. 😛 

Much love and huge, Lucy 😀 ❤

LOTD: Set Sails to Summer :)

Hey lovely bloggers! Today’s look is a fun and fresh look, symbolizing the ending of summer. I really enjoyed my Summer this year, and I hope you did too! 😀


What I Used:


~Mary Kay Instant Action Eye Cream

~Neutrogena SPF 30 Liquid Lotion (break-out-free)

~Sephora satin/duo-sheen peachy coral eyeshadow as blush


~Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original

~Sephora slightly shimmery light blue eyeshadow (base color, lower lashline)

~Sephora duo-sheen blue eyeshadow (lid, outer half of lower lashline) note: this eyeshadow is very hard to work with…I had trouble trying to make the color bright, but blended to keep the look looking dreamy. I eventually got it to work fine, its just a warning. 🙂

~Sephora pearly top-coat eyeshadow (inner tearduct)

~Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara in Blackest Black


~Clinique Lipstick in Raspberry Glace

~Aeropostale Lip Crayon in Pineapple (its orange 🙂 I put a dab of it on the center of the lower lip).

I really hoped you liked this last very fun and summer-inspired look! I really hope you also all had a terrific Summer, and hope you are all enjoying-or are nice and prepared for-the school year, and fall-time! What looks would you like to see? Fall-inspired looks? Just anything looks? 🙂 Hope you liked this one!<Lucy

Next Post: LOTD: Teal and Purple Blend

LOTD: Fire Starter ;)

Hey everyone! Today’s look is something very subtle, but using some shimmery touches of ruby eye shadows. I used LA Colors Little Black Book (eyeshadow palette) in Glam. I used the whole row of ruby eyeshadows, starting with the lightest lining the inner eye, and finishing with the darkest lining the outer eye. Its kind of like a soft ombre liner thing. 🙂 Here is the look:



*Sorry, I realize the focus is on my lashes, instead of my lashlines! 😉



Oh, and for my lips, I did a bright sparkly orange lipgloss! (From the Aeropostale stick of six lip glosses, the rainbow sparkly on. There is a review on it at makeupcrazy1.blogspot.com, look up in the search box ‘hauls and reviews’, and it will come up). 😀 

I hope you enjoyed the look! 

Coming Up: Birthday Haul #3!