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LOTD: Brightening, Minimal Everyday Makeup

Hey Crazies! If you didn’t see my last post, I was taking a short break because my family and I were moving, and then going out of town and it was too stressful to blog. But I’m back in the swing of things, so let’s just get right into this look.

Today’s look is this natural, everyday look, but it’s super eye opening, and very brightening for tired skin and eyes. Hope you like it! It’s very simple, using minimal products, so it’s very easy to create. 🙂









(Oh btw, I don’t think I ever mentioned this, but I did dye my hair blonde back at the end of August)!





Hope ya’ll enjoyed this look!

Have an amazing, beautiful day! 😀 ❤



Prom Makeup: Basic Peach

Hi loves! 😀 So, recently a bunch of my data got erased, so my computer is not working properly. So, I’ll be posting off of another computer for now, until I can hopefully get my own computer to start working again. (just though you ought to know) 😛

So, it’s Prom Season, and it only comes once a year, so you want to be able to have some fun with your looks. I created this look for the more natural person, who may not wear any makeup on a daily basis. This look can also totally work for just about anything! I did medium brown in the crease, clean brows, matte peach lid, clean black liner, and it all comes together as simple, yet so pretty. And guess what? It’ll match nearly every dress out there! 😀 (I made a tutorial too so incase you’d like to try this look out, you’ll know how). 😉




1. Prime your eyes with a sheer, lightweight primer. I used Elf Eye Primer in Sheer.


2. Fill in brows with a MATTE shade. I used Jordana Eye Shadow in Chocolate.


3. For your brow bone, apply a light, skin tone, matte shade. I used Elf Marshmallow.


4. For the crease, start off with a warm, light, shimmer brown shadow. I used an Elf eye shadow.


5. For the lid, apply a matte peachy shade. I used Elf Peach Fuzz. I also defined the crease slightly more, using Elf Eye Shadow in Brownie.


6. For this step, I lined my eyes fairly thickly using Elf Liquid Liner in Black.


7. For the lower lash line, I went for a sheer silver shadow. And to add a touch of sparkle, I used a bit of Elf Glitter Liner in Stardust on the inner corners.


8. Mascara, and done! 🙂


For the rest of the face, I used Elf Blush in Pink Passion, Maybelline Nude Lip Liner, and Clinique Long Last Gloss Wear n Bamboo Pink.

I hope you enjoyed, and found this helpful! 😀

Much love, Lucy ❤

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LOTD: Yellow and Peach

Today’s look is something that enhances and elongates your eyes, and has pops of yellow, and a peachy orange. I decide to do thick black liner, but if you’d like to tone it down, try brown, or just a thin line of black shadow/liner on the upper lash line. This look can be easily altered to support any eye color and shape!



My dog wanted to get into the picture with me! 😀

I really hope you liked this one! I know that the liner is pretty thick, but I was pretty happy with how this one turned out. If you ever re-create any of my looks, (or something  like them), let me know! I would love love love to see them! Have a wonderful day!<Lucy 😀

Ps. I will be gone on a summer vacation from this weekend to July 20th, so no posts until after that. :’/ I hope that all of you are enjoying your own summer vacations though! 🙂 See you in a week or so!<Lu