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TMI Tag!

I told you all before that I couldn’t post all March, and I appreciate your support! ❤ 😀 But, hey, it’s not March yet! 😉 I’m excited to this really fun Tag, called the TMI Tag (Too Much Information) 😉 I’m sure you all know what this tag is, so here goes!

1. What are you wearing? Short-shorts, a black tank top, and a translucent half-top over.

2. Ever Been I Love? Nope, don’t think so!

3. Ever Had A Terrible Break-up? I’m not even allowed to have a boyfriend, so no!

4. How Tall Are You? 5′ 5”

5. How much do you weigh? and I would tell you that because…?

6. Any Tattoos? huh, no I ‘m only 13!

7. And Piercings? yes, my ears.

8. OTP? um, not sure what that is! (tell me in the comment section below ;D )

9. Favorite Show? The Voice!! And I also watch a lot of HGTV.

10. Favorite Band? I don’t really have a fave band…I like Imagine Dragons, but I also like U2 and Styx 😀

11. Something You Miss? How about something I will miss? My Blogs!! :;(

12. favorite song? There is no possible way I could say that! I like Katy Perry Dark Horse, Imagine Dragons Radioactive, Ellie Golding Let It Burn, and many many more!

13. what is your beauty obsession? everything to do with it! 😀 Makeup, Nail Polish, skin care, everything!

14. zodiac sign? Cancer.

15. Hidden Talent? all of the ones that come to mind are definitely not hidden, so I don’t know.

16. favorite quote? No clue! There are too many!

17. Favorite Actor? can’t choose one: Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence.

18. favorite color? I love blue, black, and army green.

19. Loud music, or soft? In the middle.

20. where do you go when you’re sad? either outside, or in my bedroom.

21. How Long do you take in the shower? not that long, most the time. Probably 3-5 minutes.

22. How Long does it take you to get ready in the morning? depends where I’m going. But usually around 20 minutes.

23. Ever been in a physical fight? depends what you mean by that 😛

24. favorite food? Ha. ha. ha. ha. Ok. my favorite food is: food, food, and food. Did that answer the question?

25. Favorite Book? geez, all these questions, and I always have more than one answer! I love Harry Potter, The Clockwork Three, and the Warriors series.

26. the reason you started blogging? to share my ideas with anyone who needs them.

27. fears? death, loosing everything/one I love.

28. last thing that made you cry? well, I didn’t really cry, but I did get teary, yesterday, when I was posting my ‘UH OH’ post! 😦

29. last time you said you love someone? last night, when I said goodnight to my puppy, who sleeps in my room.

30. meaning behind your blog name? I’M CRAZY ABOUT MAKEUP?!? um, ya.

31. Last book you read? Warriors #5…that reminds me, I have to order the 6th!

32. the book you’re currently reading? Here There Be Dragons, and Mockingjay, I’m also writing a book.

33. Last show you watched? Love It Or List It.

34. Last person you talked to? My mom, before she left to go somewhere.

35. Your relationship with the person you last texted? Can’t get a phone until I’m 14.

36. favorite place to be? anywhere with tons of food.

37. place you want to visit? New York, Italy, and Paris.

38. last place you were? last night, at an opera rehearsal.

39. do you have a crush? only celebs!

40. last time you kissed someone? no clue.

41. last time you were insulted? idk.

42. favorite flavor or sweet? anything flavored root beer or lemon!!

43. what instruments do you play? I play this thing called my voice

44. favorite piece of jewelry? My cross that my daddy-o got me a couple Christmas’s ago.

45. last sport you played? track and field. and I’m in it now!

46. last song you sang? weirdly enough, ‘We Will Rock You.’

47. fave chat up line? Hiya!

48. have you ever used it? wait what?

49. last time you hung out with someone? with my friend Mariah at rehearsal last night.

50. who would you like to tag? Here are the people I tag: anyone who wants to do it!

It’s really fun seeing all of the different answers, so if you read this, go ahead and do it yourself!

I hope you enjoyed this! I will be back with some makeup soon! 😀

❤ Lucy

Tag: The 7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty!

Hello my loves! 😀 Here is a real fun tag called the 7 deadly sins of beauty. Thank you so much to Beauty Adoration for tagging me! 😀 So..here goes:

Q. 1

Greed: what’s your most expensive beauty item?

My La Bella Donna Highlighter in Candlelight. Price: $70



I got this highlighter for my 13th birthday last year, and I love it so much. It gives off the perfect amount of rosey sparkle, and I love it to death! 😀


Q . 2

Wrath: what item do you seem to have a love/hate relationship with?

The Color Workshop Eye Shadow in Optimist.



This eye shadow I love because it blends amazingly. It is also a nice and subtle touch on the lower lash line. I kinda ‘hate’ it because, if I put it across the lid, no matter how much of it I layer, the color stays soft. I used this color on the lid in one of my latest looks

Q. 3

Gluttony: what brand takes up most of your collection?

That’s easy! Elf for sure!


Elf is most definitely the brand that I cannot live without!

Q. 4

Sloth: what product do you ignore most due to laziness? 

My MAC Pigments, Glitters, and Reflects.


Because I have these in column containers, they are very messy! And I don’t tend to play with glitter on the eyes. I’m not too good with it, and It never comes off how I like it to. If you have any tips on getting glitter off easily, pleeeeeease let me know!!! 😀

Q. 5

Pride: which products give you the most confidence?

Their are 2: La Bella Donna Mascara in Dark Earth, and Mattify! Cosmetics Blush in Harmony.


This mascara is the ideal, most essential mascara. It’s by La Bella Donna, and it’s around $26. It’s a very dark brown, but what’s unique about it is that its very cool toned. I ❤ it! As you know, in my review of Mattify! I LOOOVE this blush. (see details in the review). 😉

Q. 6

Lust: what product(s) are at the top of your wish list?

The Urban Decay Naked 2 and # palettes, and the SugarPill Palettes. (especially Heart Breaker).


(Naked 3) 😉


Heart Breaker Palette.



Burning Heart Palette. ❤ 😀



Sweet Heart Palette.

Q. 7 

Envy: what makeup product looks good on others, and not you?

Not exactly a product, but pale pink lips look terrible on me! 😛


So, here are the bloggers that I am tagging!

1. Glam Vasion

2. Amriaa

3. Carylalmelor

4. Lisanne Blogt

5. The Beauty Deputy

The rules are simple: answer the 7 questions, with pictures or without, and tag 5 other blogs!

I hope you enjoyed this! Thank you so much again to Beauty Adoration for tagging me! 😀

Have a lovely day sweeties! ❤ Lucy 

Tag: Share The Love!

Hello lovelies! I have a tag for you today! 😀 This one was just created by The Beauty Deputy, one of my fave blogs! This is a great tag for finding and sharing new blogs, and its just a genius idea! 😀

The Rules

  • Place bloggers into categories that you think fits their blog down below
  • Place the person that tagged you into a category
  • Write what category you think that other bloggers will place you in and why
  • Feel free to add whatever categories you think should be part of this tag
  • Spread the Love!!!

Here are the categories…

Best Blog Look: this is the blogger that has one of your fave blog themes or looks:

This category goes to…Coewless Polish! I really like how her blog lay out is clean, simple, and easy to navigate in. And her nail designs and pics are amazing!

Best Writing Style: This is for the blogger that has the most fun-to-read blog entries.

This category goes to…Amriaa! I love the way she writes, and that she says hi birdies, or hi bunnies ect. when she starts her post. It makes it all the more personal.

The Faithful Blogger: this is for the blogger who replies to comments, comments on other blogs, and posts regularly.

This category goes to…Maria Bergmark! I always comment on her amazing makeup posts, because I love her work so much, I just have to! And she always replies. She also takes the time to comment down on my posts, and you all know I LOVE comments! She posts so many amazing makeup creations, so often, that I know I’ll never get bored with her blog.

The Advicee: the blogger that I would go to for beauty advice

This category goes to…Makeup Geek! This is actually a company blog, as well as tutorials and reviews and much much more. I can always ask the lovely Marlena for any advice, and she always answers honestly. I can always trust her judgment!

The Makeup Junkie: this is for the blogger that lives and breathes makeup.

This category goes to…GlitterGirlC! There are sooo many wonderful things about Cecilie’s blog, looks, and her personality is just the sweetest. I trust her so much, and she was the first makeup blog I fell deeply in love with. She has such bright colorful creative makeup looks, and makeup is definitely her biggest passion!

The Skincare Junkie: this is for the skincare blog

This goes to…Ginger and Aloe! This may surprise you, but I LOVE everything skincare. So when I found this blog, I was very excited! I always trust her reviews and skincare advice.

The Best Pictures: this is for the blog that has high-quality pix

This goes to…Beautiful Kayekie! Wow, her pictures are so clear and perfect, and always taken at the right angle. I always love to see her new posts, and look at her amazing photos!

The Light Bulb: This is for the blogger that always has amazing new ideas

And this goes to…Flight Of Whimsy! Omg, her nail designs are never alike! Each one is so unique, and super creative! I’m always excited to see her new posts, to check out whatever new creation she comes up with.

The Eyeshadow Tutorial: this is for the blogger that is always coming up with new and exciting eye looks

This category goes to…Krimzin Art! Anna is such a HUGE inspiration for me, and my own eye shadow combos. Everyone of her eye looks are so beautiful, and like candy for the eyes. You can always count on her for new and fun eye looks to try. Love you Makeup Mom! 😉

The Hair Tutorial Guru: for the hair blogger

This one goes to…Bella’s Braiding Parlor! Bella is my sister, and is amazing at hair! I always have her do my hair, and she always has something new. She has a great blog, and a youtube channel.

The Nail Polish Guru: exactly that!

Well, as you see I’ve already put up some nail blogs, but why not put up another one of my faves! 😉 This goes to…Eeeek! Nail Polish! Wow, this lady’s blog is so amazing! Full of perfectly done nail polish looks! Wether its a design, or just a solid color, her nail looks are always so much fun to see!

The Highly Fashionable OOTDs: For the fashionable blogger

This goes to…Low Rise High Hopes! Her outfits are always so cute, and cool, and I always love to see her OOTDs and haul posts! I also love the name of her blog!

The Emerger: the blogger that is always trying out new brands

This goes to…The Beauty Deputy! I just love her blog, and seeing what she is trying out next! I always love ladies that try out new brands, and share with everyone who might be wondering about that product!

The Unique Blogger Name: the blogger that has a really cool blog name

This goes to…Oh My Swatch!, and Swatch Freak! (no, I couldn’t just pick one)! 😉 I just love these two blogs! I mean, the names of their blogs are so attention grabbing. That always makes you want to go to their blogs.

The Unique Tagline: this goes to the blogger that has a great sub heading, or tagline.

this goes to…Etta’s Threads! Her taglines are: “All Things Bright, Bold, & Beautiful,” and “Finding Beauty In Everything.” Simple, yet so pretty sounding. 😀

The Subscription Box Guru: all you need to know about them

This goes to…???? I don’t know! 😛

The category I would like you to put me in would be the eye shadow tutorial 😀

Well, a HUGE thank you to The Beauty Deputy for tagging me! This was such an amazingly awesome idea, and it was so much fun! Thank you!

I hope those of you I put into categories have the time to do this tag, and I hope you all can, because it is SO fun! I’ll see you soon! Much love, Lucy 😀 ❤

BFF Tag Makeup Looks!

Hey hey hey! 😀 So today I have a fun post for you all. My BFF Julia, came over, and she loves makeup as well, so we always play with it when we get together. Today, though, I thought of posting it here, and she was all for it! Yay! Here are some pics of the makeup looks we played around with:



❤ ^_^

I really hope you guys all liked this! Isn’t her look awesome? My look here reminds me of my Dark and Fruity look a little bit. See you soon!<Lucy 😀

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