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LOTD: Sun-Kissed in Winter!

Hello my beautifuls! 😀 Today’s makeup look is this warm, natural, completely universal look you can wear to get that sun kissed look, even in the winter.








I hope you liked this! 😀 See you later!

Much much love and hugs, Lucy ❤ 

Look and Review: Mattify! Cosmetics

Hello beauties! Today, I have a review and a look for you, using Mattify! Cosmetics! 😀 So lets get to it:

Mattify! Cosmetics review 025










Here are all of the products. 😀


This is the Mattify! ULTRA, which is a translucent powder. I’ve never owned one before, so I’m excited to use this everyday. This is a finely milled, mattifying powder, and I LOOOVE it! It really does an amazing job at keeping the shine at bay, and I highly recommend it for those of you who have shine.


They also sent 2 blushes, a sample, and a full size.


Harmony, and Strawberry Wine.

  • Harmony: can I just say O. M. G. This blush is amazing!!!!! It is almost matte finish, with just a hint of sparkle, and man, this blush gives the most natural and beautiful flush. It gives you a great ‘no makeup’ makeup look on the cheeks. I love this to death.
  • Strawberry Wine: Wow!! This colors is such a beauty. The color is a very unique shade. I can’t quite describe it. Its absolutely GORGEOUS! It gives a beautiful color on the cheeks that will most definitely look great one all skin tones. I also tried it on my lips, and this will give you a matte, soft color on the lips that will give the ‘no makeup’ makeup look as well.


Mattify! Sent me 3 eye shadows as well.


Earth Angel, Mysterious Aurora, and Woodland Fairy.


Here they are on black and white bases.


Here are the eye shadows dry with no primer, and with a skin-tone primer.


And here they are damp.

All 3 of these eye shadows are SO unique!! I don’t own anything like them. Earth Angel is a gorgeous peachy nude sparkle, and it looks amazing by it’s self on the lid for an everyday sparkle look. It’s also great on the water line, and the inner corner. Mysterious Aurora is sooo beautiful. It is a purple/blue, with light blue, pink, and purple sparkle. Its amazing, and I think it may be my fave. 😉 Woodland Fairy is so gash darn amazing! Its a deep GORGEOUS earthy brown with gold glittery specks. It blends beautifully! I love it!! All of he eye shadows have GREAT packaging. Wow! The blushes, and the eye shadows have sifters, so the products are not messy, and won’t be even if you try. Also, many loose eye shadows I have get very messy, and get in between the little creases where the cap screws in. These ones don’t. They will not get messy or leak or anything at all. AMAZING!! 😀

Ok, so for the look I did, I used a very small amount of Urban Decay Primer potion on my right and left eyes, but on the left, I also used NYX Milk. I did the same exact eye shadow look one both eyes, but they turned out a little different. Here is the tutorial:


And here is the look finished:




Its nearly 80 degrees here! 😛 😉

Well, I really hope you liked the review, and the look. I am SO overly impressed by Mattify! Cosmetics, and I LOVE the products I received. I highly recommend this brand 😀

I hope you enjoyed! Please question or comment anything below! Much much Love, Lucy ❤ 😀