MakeupCrazy is a blog comprised of all different, but wearable looks, using all different brands. This blog was created to inspire people, and to let ideas and creativeness flow out, so that I could share all of it with you! I really hope that you like looking at my looks and reviews! 🙂 I love to see that people comment, and even just find and look at my blog. This blog is for those of you who don’t want to wear the same old makeup look everyday. All of the looks here are some that I myself would wear everyday or in the evening….when I’m older, that is! 🙂 All of the ideas that I share are pretty much all different, so that you can find which ones appeal to you. I hope that you enjoy this blog, and update your self with it every once in a while! I am a young artist, who dreams of become a makeup artist. I love to write, create, and plan out new things, so this blog and my other one are helping me out by letting me do the things that I like most: Makeup, sharing ideas, writing, and having my own opinion on something! I may not be wearing barely any makeup out of the house yet, but I hope that you don’t doubt my talent. I know I am definently not the best makeup blogger out there…But that’s ok with me me. 🙂 Some of my favorite makeup blogs are: GlitterGirlc , HeidiLarsenMakeupBowsandCurtseys, eyegraffiti, StaceyMakeup,  ColorfulMakeups, MakeupGeek, Psychosandra, KrimzinArt, PigmentsandPalettes, SakuraDesu, Jangsara, MadamNoire, MakeupBySiryn, BareIselin, Grzee, IngvildFiskerstrand, KatieAlves, Lisanne, Makeup By Tiffany D, MakeupFancy,  MaryamMaquillageThe Beautiful Life Of The Girl Next Door, and TwoPinkCheeks. I know that’s only some so far! Beacause I find new and amazing blogs everyday to inspire and teach me. Another great thing about the art of makeup is that there is no best. I love every single one of these artists because they are all so different, and unique in their own ways. Again, this blog is only wearable looks: if you want to see some not-so-waerable looks, go to my other blog at makeupcrazy. I hope you enjoy all of these blogs, and my 2 blogs!


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    • WOW! Thank you so much Steph! For the tagging, and the nomination! I am really trying to get eh time to do the tag, hope I can soon. I’ll go check out the post! Thank you so much again! 😀

  1. well,,??? as u maybe have guessed ? my BLOG is S0000 very different from yours & a few of my other blogs that I go to read / *LEARN,,, & also have become blog-friends with some that I follow all the Girls have been so very * KIND to me & have accepted me…which I am so thankful for… I don’t have the (type) of blog/post to nominate….any 1,,,, but this I will do on (my-own) so there for: I Nominated you for your style / type of makeup,,, & for sharing it with us all that visit your *BLOG thank you….you do have a *Gift,,,,,, 🙂 Kelly

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