Birthday Haul #3!

Hi lovelies! Today, I have my 3rd birthday haul! I mostly got gift cards, but I also got a makeup kit from Sephora. Here are the things I got:



These are all of the gift cards I got: American Eagle, iTunes, and 3 cards for Sephora!



The Sephora cards come in these cool little cases…



And they each come with a very convenient mirror! 😀



I also got a gift certificate to get my nails done! 😀



This is the Sephora Makeup Kit I got.



It folds out into tons of pigmented and smooth eyeshadows, 3 smooth cream eyeliners, 12 pigmented and long-wearing lip colors, 4 non-chalky and pigmented blushes, and 2 beautiful bronzing powders! 😀 It folds up into a cute little case with a handle, and its perfect to stick in your purse to change your look from day to might, and the kit is also great size for travel! I hope you liked the post! See you all soon!<Lucy 😀

Coming Next: LOTD: Smokey Neutrals

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