LOTD: All Day, and All Night

Hi Crazies! 😀

Today’s makeup look is something dramatic, smokey, and trendy. I was inspired by the recent full moon, with the velvety blue sky. I used The Color Workshop for the look. I also made a tutorial, and let me know in the comments below if you want me to keep doing tutorials, and if they’re helpful! 😀




With a skin-tone foundation, and a sticky white base, (Sephora IRF in Light, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk) prime the eyes.


Next, apply a medium brown eye shadow to the crease. (The Color Workshop Eye Shadow in Immortal). This will help with blending later on in the look. 


With a skin-tone eye shadow, highlight the brow bone. (The Color Workshop Eye Shadow in Show Me).


Now for the star color: the sparkling navy. Apply this color to the lid. (TCW Eye Shadow in Ice Queen).


With NYX Milk, prime the lower lid.


Smudge the same eye shadow onto the lower line.


With a gra eye shadow, smoke up the lower lid a bit more. (TCW Eyeshadow in Iceland).


With The Color Workshop Eyeshadow in Water Lily, I filled in my brows.


Then line the eyes with a liquid liner, apply mascara , and your done with the eye makeup!


On the face, I just did blush, and I used TCW Blush Duo in Baby Kiss. And for the lips I used TCW Lip loss in Emily, and blotted the shine a bit. 

All done!





To see my review on the palette I used for this look, and many other looks, CLICK HERE!

I really hope you enjoyed the look! 😀

Have an amazing day! 

xoxo Lucy

Next makeup look coming: a work look that isn’t boring, but still really wearable! 


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